Simple yet Effective Tips to Feng Shui your House

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Feng Shui is a law system that governs spatial orientation and arrangement which is related to the flow of energy. The effects of Feng Shui are considered by people because its good effects are known to bring wealth into your home, offer career stability, provide improvements in health and offer many other benefits.

It is always a good time to revitalize your house with a little bit of Feng Shui. To make your home more positive on the whole, there are some simple yet effective tips that you can follow in your house, regardless of it being one of the 3 bedroom apartments or 2 bedroom apartments:

1. Check for squeaky doors

Does your main door whine or squeak when you close or open it? As the entry door is something that you see first when you enter and see last when you leave, the crying sound made by it can affect your well-being and mood. A lot of people get so used to this sound that it goes unnoticed in front of them. Make sure you oil the door hinge so that positive energy can flow whenever you leave or enter the house. Even if you have other doors in the house that require oiling, you can go ahead and oil them as well. However, oiling the entry door is of utmost importance.

2. How to position the Feng Shui Fountain

In Feng Shui, water signifies wealth. If you want to know the correct place for a fountain according to Feng Shui, you must take a note of the fact that you can place the fountain (the water element) near to your home’s entry. It does not matter that the water is inside or outside. By doing so, you give an opportunity to the wealth to flow in your life.

3. Keep the bathroom door shut

Many people have their fair share of doubts when it comes to the Feng Shui that’s related to the bathroom. As bathroom is a place from where the water goes out, you don’t want that to happen as water is linked with wealth. So, you must close the door and keep the toilet seat down to prevent wealth from getting flushed away from your life.

4. Start window cleaning

Windows are like your eyes from which you see the world. Because you want to witness and experience all the things that the world has in store, you must clean the windows. Doing so will also brighten up your space.

5. Cover up your bedroom TV

As many of us have TVs in the bedroom, this Feng Shui tip will prove to be effective. In case you find it difficult to sleep, you can cover the TV when you are not using it. The television gives out active energy that will disrupt any calming and quiet energy that is required to sleep in the bedroom. Take some beautiful fabric and scarf and put it over the television. Voila! Problem solved.

These tips are extremely simple to follow in your house. If you are still searching for a house, you can consider checking out the 3 bedroom apartments or ready to move in house in Noida, because there are some great options on offer. Interestingly, many of these properties religiously adhere to Feng Shui principles; this makes them a lot more appealing to potential home buyers.

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