Try these 4 Decor Ideas for your Apartment Balconies

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When you reside in one of service apartments in Noida or in an independent house, the balcony becomes an important part of your decor. Call it your connection to the outside world or a cosy little nook where you can relax, it has been seen that people who are buying a house in Noida or other parts of NCR always look for homes with good balconies. However, even after finding the right service apartments in Noida, there’s still a lot that you can do to make your balcony stand out from the rest. From making your own reading nook to putting up balcony LED lights, the ideas that you can try out to enhance the decor of your balcony are aplenty.

Adding a Rustic Touch

Wooden flooring, comfortable chairs and the right kind of balcony LED lights can turn your balcony into a classy space. Decorate it as per your preferences and don’t be afraid to try out new things with the decor. If you have a small balcony, you might want to be careful with your furniture selection to ensure that the balcony does not get crowded.

The Lighting

Most service apartments in Noida and other major cities come with balconies that are equipped with the right kind of ambient lighting to create a relaxing mood. If your balcony does not have such lighting, you can definitely get some installed. Then, depending on your decor theme, you may also consider installing fairy lights or lamps to complete the look.

Play With Colours

If a colourful theme suits your personality, then play around with bright colours in the paint job and the furniture on the balcony. It will help make your balcony a fresh and energizing area within your home where you can unwind after a long day.

Bring Nature to Your Apartment

Whoever said that people buying a house in Noida on an independent plot are the only ones who can have gardens in their homes? Using grass carpets and a number of planters on your balcony, you can create a small garden for yourself. It can be your quick escape to nature in your service apartment in Noida. You will of course need to think this thoroughly and make realistic decisions in this regard. Depending on how much time you can put into this mini garden, you will have to choose the plants you want to grow. Research a bit about which plants require how much maintenance and start your little garden in your home.

Think about how you want to use your balcony before you start thinking about different ideas to decorate the area. A lot of what you need to put out there will depend on how you want to spend your time in the open space; whether you need a tiny table and a couple of chairs or if you need to install a number of cushions. So, take your time and think about it before you transform your apartment’s balcony into that ‘awesome space you relax and take pride in’.

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