Smart! Denying Stress, Couple Paid Off Their Home Loan

For a couple, where both partners have well-paying jobs, have a good income influx altogether. Most young couples today prefer to buy their first home with the advantage of a home loan rather than spending their money on rent. For them paying rent is shelling out the big chunk from salaries while having no property of their own at the end of the day.

Having a home of your own is an incredibly proud achievement and the earlier you start off on your home loan, the better it is for you in your later years.

This is what Amol and Christina decided to do when they zeroed in on a property in Noida’s prestigious Wave City Centre. They had a child in his pre-school age when they bought the apartment after mulling on various factors to create a stable, secure, home for their child that was completely their own.

With this target in mind, they were determined to pay off their home loan as early as possible so that they could spend the latter part of their lives doing what they both loved to do most-travelling and exploring the world! So what was their plan that would put them on the fast-track to pay off their home loan within time? Here, Amol and Christina share their smart strategies:

  • With both of them working and their child going to school, they decided that it would be in their best interest to tighten their expenses so they could use the major part of their income to finish off their home loan. This began with drawing up a list of their expenses, in different categories. The first category was the essential bills that had to be paid by a fix date every month. This would include utility bills, school fees, etc. The other category was the variable but essential expenses, which would be groceries, fuel, etc. The next category was of recreational things. They knew that all work and no play would make a dull life indeed, so they decided to allocate an amount to entertainment and leisure.

  • Amol and Christina decided to use one person’s salary entirely for paying off the EMI and the other person’s only for living expenses and savings. This meant that they were able to pay off more than fixed monthly EMI.

  • They also decided to do away with their credit cards, which helped to cut down on impulsive purchases. Using only cash or net banking or their debit cards to pay for things helped control their expenditure.

Amol and Christina know that they are on the fast track to getting freedom from a home loan in record time and so can you if you follow these strategies! Currently, both of them are waiting to get their possession in Vasilia which is located in Sector 32, Noida. Vasilia premium residences are two and three bedroom premium residences that are well equipped with best in class amenities such as:

  1. Air-conditioned apartments

  2. Built in modular wardrobe in master bedroom

  3. Modular Kitchen

  4. Wi-Fi enabled

  5. 100% power backup

  6. Dedicated service elevator

  7. Separate visitor parking space

  8. 24 hours water supply

  9. Smart card access control

  10. CCTV surveillance and fire alarm system

These amenities and a lot more are being offered in Vasilia which will undoubtedly transform this couple’s life. Amol and Christina took the best decision of their life by starting early and planning to buy a home of their own. If you too can associate your life with Amol and Christina then why wait? Gear up and connect with us via the comment box given below.

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