Five Office Design Trends to look forward in 2018

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The subject theme for office designing in 2018 is primarily linked with “positive energy”. The chief purpose is to transform the office space into a place which is much more essential than a workplace. The central idea is to remodel the workstation, where creativity buds and a person feels re-energized. Here is a list of five trends to keep a look out for in the coming year:

  1. Dynamic Spaces

A standout amongst clients has been the need for multipurpose ‘dynamic’ workspaces. With the changing nature of work, the demands have changed accordingly. People are seeking office places which can be adjusted to their needs and as per the tasks at hand. An incredible example of the same is Google’s ‘The Garage’ lab, which is a profoundly dynamic workspace that permits changes to be incorporated thus leaving room for creativity. At the same time, it is plausible that not many businesses will look forward to having a quirky space like this, but lessons can be learned about how valuable it might prove in increasing productivity.

  1. Biophilic Designs

There is no suspicion that hosting plants in an area increases productivity and enhances happiness quotient, but many offices are left deprived of milking the advantages of this essential viable option. A prominent, as well as fashionable way of incorporating nature in your office place, is via plant walls. These walls can easily divide spaces into cubicles with the aid of leafy plants. We perceive that this trend shall see a growth in 2018 as more and more workplaces start giving importance to bring the outdoor experience inside the office premises.

  1. Personalised or Customised Spaces

Numerous evidence is present which promote the fact that how one’s surroundings can impact one’s work efficiency. Customised workspaces have been showing increased satisfaction at the job and hence increased work output. Personalising the workspace can make a person feel at home while at work, helping them feel relaxed and enjoy working. However, a balance has to be maintained ensuring that it does not become a distraction.

  1. Incorporation of Technology

There has been an ever-increasing use of technology at the workplace evident from the design trends in the past few decades, and the same is expected to continue in the next year. Technology addition can be seen in almost all areas of an office including conference rooms, meeting spaces and even cafeterias. Companies want to take full advantages of the latest technology to ensure undisrupted workflow.

  1. Collaborative Designing

A much more openness can be seen in workplace designs in the past decades where the usual cubicles are gradually ebbing away, and a much more joint space is in demand. Companies like Pixar and Apple have valued the importance of interactions and collaborative working environment, which is evident from their office structures. 2018 is expected to be no different, and we may see the workplace as a single colossal unit rather than divided by cubicle barriers.

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