Things to consider before renting an office space

With India gaining more and more in its economic capacity, the number of companies in the market is swiftly increasing. Subsequently, there are more people on the lookout for office spaces on rent. However, to seal an effective deal, business owners must note some key points before they go in with this.

Be it for setting up a new wing or expanding the same business, people often take office space for rent in Noida, Gurgaon and other commercial hubs. Especially when you are not in a position to buy an office space, renting seems like a good option. It even helps settle some hassles such as helping you free up working capital (which you would have otherwise spent in real estate) and also give you flexibility.

However when you are setting a modern working space, you will have to pay attention to what all people expect out of it. Today, offices spaces are not only more practical but also state-of-art. So, before you settle down with a particular property, you might have to do a lot of searching.

Now, given the fact that leasing a commercial space would also be one of the biggest expenses your business shall face during a given time, you have to understand that this is by no means a small task. You have to make careful considerations when looking for an office space for rent in Noida, including –

Impressive space –The space that you have rented to be the hub of your business has various significant roles. It not only influences the impression your clients have of you but also the productivity of your employees. Hence, you need to ensure that the space is clean and the landscapes surrounding it are well-maintained too. The construction should be such that it supports the image of your business and exudes a professional vibe at the same time.

Good location – Location is of utmost importance in real estate. Availability of different modes of transport and connectivity to other important areas is something that your office location must have. Other than that, you must also focus on the reputation that the region it lies in, holds. If your office lies in an area that has bad reputation or is unsafe, it may drive away your clients and employees.

Ample parking spaces available – When arranging a space for your employees to work in, you need to consider their conveniences too. Availability of parking space, preferably for free, is something that employers need to take care of. Besides, when you are having clients visit your office, you obviously wouldn’t want them to struggle for parking space or get tickets.

The Lease – Once you have finalized a commercial space for your office, you will need signing up a lease agreement. Before you sign up the lease, you must decide whether you want the land on a monthly basis or yearly. It is also important that you go through the terms and conditions of the lease and ensure that your present financial status is taken into consideration.

Social infrastructure– When setting up an office, you also need to focus on whether or not the location has good social infrastructure such as hospitals, banks, cafe and hotels in an around. Employees and investors will like it better when your office location will have access to places of importance such as mentioned above. Plus, it will also aid you in cases where you will have to hold meetings outside office.

Apart from the above, cost of renting or leasing comes as a no-brainer. You must set a budget for renting an office before you advance in this direction. This could include repair costs, furnishing, parking, maintenance, and so on.

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