Workspace Evolution: A New Trend in Commercial Realty Practices

A new trend is making waves these days in the commercial realty practices across the world and it is finding its feet in the Indian real estate too, thanks to the blossoming corporate sector. It is the trend of ‘workspace evolution’ that has certainly hit the corporate sector and has completely changed the way we work. Now it’s up to the commercial realty sector to adapt to it effectively and to keep pace with this evolution.

This evolution fits the bill perfectly for the forward-thinking entrepreneurs who are going through the initial stages of establishing their businesses or start-ups and are looking for professional yet affordable office space. Larger corporate groups are also on the lookout for such commercial spaces with a comprehensive range of offerings and business services.

Millennials are influencing workplace designs

The increasing entry of millennials and post-millennials into the corporate sector has fast-tracked this evolution and necessitated new ideas such as virtual offices, live and work, co-working office spaces etc. There is a huge competition among enterprises to attract tech-savvy and skilled millennials. Enterprises are now leaving no stones unturned in exploring ways to attract and retain these next-gen talents and are adapting smartly to their changing expectations.

Enterprises are now looking to offer an autonomous, creative and flexible work environment to their employees and hence are going for high-end office spaces at prime locations. By doing so, they are encouraging the employees to be more productive and, at the same time, are looking to promote the over-all well being of their employees.

These new-age employees invariably demand a workplace that considers their health, happiness and wellness and an employer that understands these aspects. This has made the organizations adopt diverse approaches to convert the workplace into a more enjoyable one. A few examples of such new workspace approaches may include providing-

  • Serviced office space
  • On-site restaurants and meeting points
  • High-speed fibre connectivity
  • Meetings rooms equipped with video conferencing
  • Hot-desks with plug & play capabilities
  • Creative open spaces to facilitate brainstorming

Increasing demand for high-end workplaces

Well-thought-out workplaces are in high demand these days as they ensure that these new breeds of talents are not restricted by time or space. Such workplaces are backed up by fast, efficient and state-of-the-art technology that is available on demand. Companies have recognized the need to think out of the box and consider all available offerings, in order to meet the on-demand consumption needs of their skilled millennials. Understandably, there is a desire among the companies to stay ahead of the competition and to continually expand both their digital and physical offerings, to attract and retain the best of the millennials.

Wave City Centre has carefully considered these factors and has designed workplaces at the prime location of sector-32, Noida; which are aimed at networking opportunities between colleagues and co-workers and stimulating greater collaboration between enterprises and their employees. The Livork range of innovative multi-use spaces by Wave City Centre has been able to strike the right balance of a highly professional work environment and a stimulating, creative community that is equipped with all the new-age technology required to conduct the daily business.

Livork offers every conceivable service demanded by any world-class organizational set-up. It is equipped with video conferencing, W-Fi connectivity, business centre, conference rooms, business lounge, fully-fitted gym, clubhouse, power back-up, cafe, high-class security and quality house-keeping in demand. The entire set up is designed to achieve maximum efficiency, allowing greater connectivity within your business- while enhancing greater communication and flexibility.

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