5 Tips to Give Your Interiors an Art Deco Look

Art Deco style is an influential arts and design movement. The movement first emerged in France after World War I, and it features touches of French, Egyptian and Mediterranean culture along with geometric patterns and is one of the world’s most famous visual art styles.

Art Deco has seen resurgence in the recent times. If you want to bring this classic style to your sanctuary, here are some key steps you need to be following.

1. Be bold

Art Deco allure is known for its powerful, stereotype-breaking nature. To get the perfect Art Deco look in your home, combine geometric lines and contrasting colors. Use plenty of glossy and primary colored tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom, and reds and mahoganies in relaxing areas like living rooms and bedrooms.

2. Artistic expression

If you think getting the Art Deco look for your home is difficult, you are wrong. Art Deco look can be achieved with a few artistic touches. Just hop online or to your nearest art shop, and browse around. A huge volume of art representing that period is on sale, and helps you get the Art Deco look.

3. Stylish home-ware

A little looking around and patience can help you find Art Deco home-ware, knick-knacks and furniture for low prices; these pieces will help you get an authentic Art Deco look for your home.
On every high street and in every town, the eagle-eyed as well as the patient ones can easily find examples of Art Deco.

4. Exotic touches

Art Deco mixed the rich, free nature or art nouveau with heavy industrialization of the early 20th century, serving a heady cocktail of dreamy and materialistic. To achieve this look in your home, try contrasting metallic gold and silver with wood.

5. Tone down the lighting

Art Deco lay particular emphasis on contrasts, and the same goes for lighting. While the furnishings, walls and ornaments might be fine and flashy, the lighting should be the opposite, creating a restrained and shadow casting tone. The Art Deco aesthetics can be better created by using lamps to highlight the best and most beautiful aspect of the room, but do ensure that you leave some features in the shadows.

Art Deco style is for anyone who wants to bring the emergence of discovery and bold lifestyle into their interiors. Follow these tips, and introduce that atypical yet individualistic vibe to your home.

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