9 Home Trends to Look Forward To In the Year 2017

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    2017 home decor differs greatly from the style trends of the previous years in that they are full of bright, vibrant colours that warm up your soul and bring a smile to your face! What better way to de-stress after a tough day at work! Trust the renowned Pantone Colour of the Year to be a pleasant and soothing shade of green in keeping with the year’s trends.

  • home flooring

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    Mixed patterns in everything, whether it is your quilt or your carpet or your wall paint, is a significant trend in 2017. Although mixed, there will be an overarching pattern that keeps things together. You can also accentuate this by adding statement pieces around the room which are in the predominant colour scheme.

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    What better way to transform your living spaces by including motifs all around you than pretty butterflies, in everything from your wall decal to furnishings! In latest trends in residential and commercial spaces, motifs are truly a hit.

  • restaurant interior

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    Faux wood, faux fur, faux marble, faux leather, or any general faux; everything related to faux is truly a hit in current days. Not only are these more environment-friendly but they are also budget friendly and will last longer too as being more versatile!

  • drawing room interior

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    The materials used in 2017 have a lot of texture to them, are soft and have a beautiful finish and feel. So whether it’s a comforter thrown over a sofa, a rug, or a bed sheet, you can easily choose materials that have a rich texture.

  • office cabin interior

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    If you are a lover of black, you could go for navy blue this year, whether it is as an accent wall or for wallpaper, this is a favourite colour for 2017.

  • Hand crafted container

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    Craftsmanship is being revered the world over, so look for unique artisan hand-crafted objects to accentuate your home.

  • Green wall

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    Different shades of white, in various textures, such as fresh white and chalk white are being used for statement pieces this year, whether it is a vase or a sculpture.

  • convertible beds

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    When space is the new gold, 2017 is all for foldable and retractable spaces, furniture, and appliances, from foldable kitchen islands to foldable stools!


    Decorate your space with modern art from contemporary artists, and your home is ready to welcome 2017!