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Doors for Home

Large varieties of doors and windows are nowadays manufactured and are available in the market for quick fixing. Made using the material of different kinds, some popular doors with their features, advantages and disadvantages are listed below to facilitate the homeowners for an easy pick.

1. Timber/Wood Doors
Timber or Wood is very much popular and has been the mainstay in the manufacturing of doors/windows. Its main advantage has been the ubiquitous availability of material and the ease with which the local carpenters can make it.
Presently large varieties of wood are available in the market, and its selection should be made based on the properties of longevity and the budget of the house owner. Although they can be used for all locations in the house, they are best placed at exterior locations.

2. Flush Doors
Flush doors are most commonly employed in the interior of a dwelling, although with some variations they are also used as exterior doors in houses.
The frames for such doors can be made out of wood, steel, etc., which can hold its weight. The doors are usually hinged along one side to allow the door to open in one direction only.
Flush doors are commonly provided in houses these days due to the reasons of economy, pleasing appearance, durability, etc. and are commonly available in the market.

3. Glass Doors
The glass is usually provided for doors and windows, mostly for panelling. However, if the owner so desires, doors can be made out of glass for specific locations. Such doors are provided on the backside of the house as it provides an unobstructed view of the backyard or garden.
Front doors made of glass are equally beautiful, but care should be taken to ensure both privacy and durability. Cut glass panels set into wooden frames are a common and beautiful option for front doors. Such doors are costly and require good maintenance. They are usually heavier than other doors besides being costly.

4. Steel Doors
Steel or other such metal construction has been used for years as they are efficient and are a sturdy option for exterior and interior doors alike. These doors can either be solid or hollow.
It has been found to be a good substitute for wood and is being used extensively for frames. The frames can be made out of angles, Tee, channels or pressed steel plates.
Steel frames are quite popular and are being used extensively for houses and other locations as they are economical than the conventional wooden frames.

Types of doors

5. PVC Doors
PVC is a common term for the product called Poly Vinyl Chloride. It is a plastic material commonly used for making various products including water tanks, pipes, fittings, etc. for houses. The use of PVC for the manufacture of doors has become very popular, and a large variety of the same are available in the market in different colors and designs.
The advantages of using PVC doors are that they are termite proof, durable, anti-corrosive, light weight, moisture resistant, etc. They are also easy to fabricate and install.
However they are not suited for entry doors as they are very light in weight, not weather proof like wooden or metal doors, also they cannot resist the harsh environmental conditions.

6. Fiberglass Door
Fiberglass is a glass which is drawn into fibrous form and woven into cloth. It is durable, light & non-flammable and has a high tensile strength.
Fiberglass is said to be one of the most hardened materials with relatively low maintenance costs as compared with wood and steel.
Doors made out of fiberglass can be used for both exterior and interior locations. These doors are available in the market to match any architectural style.

7. Aluminum Doors
Aluminum is a metal which has been put to a large number of uses due to being light in weight.
A large number of products made out of aluminum are available in the market including doors, windows, partitions, curtain walls, etc.
Aluminum frames for doors and windows have the distinct advantage of resisting severe environmental conditions. Being light in weight, they transfer fewer loads to the foundation. Aluminum frames are not affected by termites and are long lasting.
Aesthetically they are quite pleasing and are quite economical in the long run.

8. Fiber Glass Door
Nothing beats fiberglass doors for value and performance. Beautifully crafted, energy efficient, secure, and easy to maintain, fiberglass entry doors are a durable alternative to wood or steel.
Fiberglass entry doors combine the beauty and elegance of wood with the strength and durability of steel. Offered in a variety of rich grain textures, these doors require less maintenance, offer longer warranties and are more efficient than traditional wood or steel entry doors.

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