Sell Your Home in 2017 with These 5 Promises to Yourself

Selling your home on your own price takes exercise and the right mindset to strike a deal. To help make that happen, we have put together a list of good habits all home sellers should start now so that you’re fully prepared once opportunity knocks. Promise the below to yourself and expect a great price of your home when you are committed.

Promise #1: Get realistic about how much your home is worth

It’s natural to think your home is priceless, or hope it’s worth at least more than when you bought it. As such, many sellers make the mistake of placing a pie-in-the-sky price on their home with the hopes that some buyer somewhere will bite. But the reality is that overpriced homes tend to languish on the market.

In addition to setting their asking price too high, sellers are often stubborn about lowering it. Or they get offended when a buyer makes an offer below what they’d hoped to get.

Stop seeing these as insults. Instead, see them as a sign that the way you see your home may not be the way others do. For a reality check, ask your Realtor to show you trends on the recent sales prices of similar homes in your area.

Promise #2: Keep clutter from creeping in

No one wants to buy your clutter, or try to determine what the house looks like without it. So it’s crucial that you throw, donate, gift, or recycle anything you don’t use. This also applies to those hidden areas like your closets and cabinets. Yes, buyers will poke their heads in these areas-and seeing a pile of half-folded clothes is a definite downer.

But even if you purged the clutter, it has a way of slowly sneaking back in, so you should develop some habits to keep it at bay. For instance, rather than let your mail pile up, vow to deal with it every day. For any paper statements or bills you regularly receive, sign up for electronic versions or autopay to save your table from mess up.

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Promise #3: Banish bad smells

A simple truth: Even beautiful, well-priced homes won’t sell if they smell noxious. It can be due to the presence of pets, bathroom mildew, or the wet waste in the dustbin. Scented candles and sprays can mask smells, but it’s best to root out the source.

If the smell of mildew pervades your bathroom, install an exhaust fan and leave the doors to your bathrooms open to get more air. You can also get a dehumidifier.

Promise #4: Keep your home show-ready 24/7

We know it’s hard to keep your place picture-perfect for buyers all the time, but it is well worth the pain and suffering.

  • Keep a sprinkler handy to quickly wipe up dust and stains from the floors.
  • Clean your windows-they not only sparkle but also let in more light.
  • Wash off wall marks and smudges.

Promise #5: Keep your personal stuff and styles to a minimum

You know those things that make a house your home-family pictures, artwork from your kids, souvenirs from the family trip Shimla? Stick them in a drawer or safely stored box. We know your home won’t feel so homey, but this step is essential to getting someone else to see themselves in your home.

Buyers need to envision themselves in the home, and the very personal items can be a turnoff.

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