Switch to Green Living by making your Home a Green Home

Whether you want to save money on your electricity bills or want to do your bit for the environment in a practical way, you can do so by taking a few simple and doable steps in your home! Transforming your home into a green home is the answer to how you can get two birds in one shot. This can be done by reducing your energy expenditure (and thereby save money) and conserving resources (and thereby save the planet). Whether your apartment or home is in a township that is already green-certified or not, there are many things you can do today to start your way to build a greener, brighter, healthier world.

Save Water


Water is one of our most precious resources. You can reduce the amount of water you use by taking the following actions:

  • Upgrade your toilet to a low-flow one or the one that has options for ‘how much water to use’ for flushing. Through this, you can hope to save more than 10 liters of water in each flush.
  • Run your washing machine only when there is a full load of laundry. This way, you are not using too much water for fewer clothes.
  • Fit aerators into your taps that mix water with air, resulting in less water flow with proper pressure each time you open the tap.
  • Recycle water as much as possible.

Save Electricity


One of the easiest ways to save electricity is by switching over to LED lights. Today, LED lights are more energy efficient, giving off more light than heat, unlike ordinary bulbs. The advantage of LEDs lasting long means you don’t have to change your bulbs often; which means more savings for your pocket! These bulbs are also easy to recycle without much harmful emissions to the environment, unlike other bulbs.

A Green Lifestyle

If you have committed to living a green, sustainable lifestyle, then it would be best to move to, or buy, your home in a residential township that is already green-certified for having adopted environmental friendly practices in construction. Doing so gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are in a community of people who care as much as you do about the environment. Smile, you are with like-minded people.

An example of such an initiative would be Wave City Center, a flagship project of the Wave Infratech in Noida, which has made its identity with premium eco-friendly homes and apartments. This integrated township offers the luxury living at its pinnacle while taking the environment-friendly steps in construction. Features of Wave City Center such as 3-side open units with better ventilation and natural light, fiber optic connectivity, landscaped gardens, well-manicured pathways, no vehicular movement on podium level make the project an environment-friendly landmark of central Noida.

In this fast paced life, where we unknowingly deprive ourselves of a healthy lifestyle, it is time to deliberately switch to green homes. That is, take steps to upgrade your existing home to a green home and look for similar feature homes while searching out for a new one.

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