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The living room is the first room that guests see, and it should reflect your personal taste. But what if your classy sense of style is beyond your budget? This might inhibit you from leaving your imprint on your living room, instead making you go for lugubrious designs. But to help you give your living room a luxurious look, we have some great budget design ideas. So, even if you don’t have the money to purchase ultra-luxury apartment in Noida or any other city, these ideas will give your living room the same look you find in home decor magazines.

Hang Large-Scale Art

By hanging an oversize piece of art by itself on one of your living room walls will help create a focal point and give the space the much-needed ‘wow’ factor. The look is chic and gives high impact with little hassle. Go around flea market and keep your eyes peeled for large pieces at reasonable prices. You can even get creative and make your own, if you are decorating on a budget.

Simplify Your Styling

A cluttered and over accessorized living room can look messy and disorganized instead of chic and sophisticated. Trim down your collection and only keep those pieces that have a sentimental value. A simplified space will allow the remaining pieces to shine, that too within your budget.

Camouflage Your Television

Nothing lowers the sense of luxuriousness like the huge black television placed in the center. If fancy mirrors that hide TV are beyond your budget, you can visually minimize the presence of your screen by creating a gallery wall around the TV. Though this won’t hide the TV, it will allow the frame of TV to blend with other artwork and distract the eye.

Use an Interesting Textile

One of the great interior design ideas for furnishing a 3 BHK flat is to give the living room a custom look by using vintage or antique textiles for pillow covers as well as upholstered stools. Add an antique looking rug on the floor which can instantly create a visual intrigue. The unusual fabrics will inject the living room with a unique element, while personalizing your space.

Incorporate a Sculptural Item

Living rooms tend to become a sea of straight lines and circular forms based on the furniture you choose. Avoid that by introducing an element with an interesting shape or silhouette. A tree-root coffee table or an unusual side chair will feel like a piece of art. This in turn will add an unexpected and wholly artistic component to your design while keeping you in your budget.

Decorate With a Mix of Textures

A layered mix of materials and textures will give your living space room a custom and luxurious look. You can mix metals, wood, glass, textiles, and leather to create a dynamic and inviting space. While you select each piece, keep a tab on your budget and let your living room come together naturally.

All the effort being put in this is to bring a luxurious look to your living room. These interior designs ideas will help you get the look of an ultra-luxurious apartment, be it in Noida or some other city, without spending too much.

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