6 Lighting Ideas for Your Apartment

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What is the use of a 4 bedroom apartment if you are left sitting in the dark? Lighting is one of the most important essentials of a room. It can make an impact on how everything else appears, from the art to the carpet and the colours of the walls. This makes it vital that when it comes to a 4 bedroom house design, you should plan the lighting beforehand and consider the sources you will need. The interiors of the room should be designed keeping the lighting in mind. If you need to take the lighting in your 4 bedroom apartment to the next level, here are some ideas that will make your living space brighter and more beautiful:

1. Pay Attention to the Mix
Successful lighting for a large space like a 4 bedroom apartment requires a combination of light sources at different levels in the room. You can add layers of light from different types of fixtures. These fixtures can be used together or separately to create different effects.

2. Find the Perfect Pair
Table lamps are perfect if you want to add some extra lights after the sun goes down. But, lamps work better in pairs. You can set up matching table lamps on the side tables or on either side of a sofa or on a console. This will give the space a sense of balance and symmetry.

3. Try Sconces
Scones or wall lights are a great way to add more interest to the empty walls in your 4 bedroom apartment design. They can also be used to frame a sofa or a work of art and are perfect for small rooms, helping you free up floor space. You can try a pair of colourful sculptural scones, as they will draw the attention towards the illuminated space. If you prefer a minimalist look, you can go for a solo lights as well.

4. Add a Centrepiece
Whether you want to go for a romantic chandelier or a more contemporary designed light, an attention grabbing light fixture in the living room will complete the look. The central lighting piece will brighten the seating area, creating a focal point in the room. You can even install a dimmer switch to brighten the atmosphere and set the mood.

5. Create an Overall Glow
If the living room is large or lacks natural light, single lighting fixtures may not be enough. To overcome this situation, you can consider using multiple overhead sources of lights, like recessed lighting that is paired with pendants.

6. Illuminate a Corner
An armchair in the corner can become a perfect and cosy reading spot if you add a floor lamp next to it. If there is an empty corner in your 4 bedroom house design, you can create the perfect spot to curl with a book.

Just follow the above mentioned tips and you can create the perfect lighting for your 4 bedroom apartment.

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