How to Choose Between Rate Discount and Timely Possession!

When you look to buy a house, you always look for a brand name in construction, houses that fit in your budget, the timely deliveries by the builders, and much more to your finance safety. Most of us prefer to buy the house when the project is just launched or under construction because we get the house at a lower rate which would fit our budget. And then hope for a timely delivery by the builder and get the possession of your house on time.

If you prefer an immediate delivery of your home, you have to be able to spend more money. Immediate possessions are chosen by those people who want to move to the new house immediately and usually opt for already constructed houses as they are not keen to invest in an under construction project and wait till possession happens. There could be many reasons for demanding immediate possession such as the previous house lease could be expiring; they want to get rid of paying rents, they would prefer to stay in a particular area, and much more. These kinds of people are flexible in their budgets and can afford to spend more on an already built property, as they would prefer to have a faster possession rather than discounted rates. They also carry out thorough research on the areas they would be interested in living and make an informed decision.

On the other hand, if you prefer to save money and want discounted prices on your purchase, then you need to do a lot of research here too. You need to shortlist some properties which are in the construction phase and book a house by visiting a mock-up of the project and the projections of the property. By doing so, you would be able to get the early bird discount on your house, and it can also fit in your budget.

Not only can you stay in the area of your choice, but you would be saving money by booking the flat during its early phase, opposite to buying it for immediate possession. The builder of the property has to give you the house on the promised date including the range of amenities that are part and parcel of the whole package. Buying discounted rate properties will also give you time to plan the way you want to decorate your house since you will have time until you go and take its possession.

Both of these decisions of buying the house have their advantages, and one should weigh out his financial standing and the need of the hour. If you require moving into the house right away, then it is better to opt for immediate possession of the house.

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