11 ways to reincarnate your house to attract buyers

  • A fresh coat of paint

    When looking forward to enhancing the overall look and appeal of your living spaces, it is best to get your house painted again. This will bring a lot of freshness to your house. This would not cause you more but will add a lot to its value. Even a basic paint or distemper will give a new lease of life to the walls. Use lighter shades to give a spacious look making your home look bigger. Fill the cracks and holes with putty and then paint the walls.

  • Check the flooring condition

    It is important to check the flooring of the house before putting it up on the market. If there are any chipped or broken tiles, or displaced wooden tiles, remove and replace them immediately. If there is marble flooring, get it polished again. It will impart a glossy finish to the floor;eventually giving a newer look to the entire décor of your house. A floor with chipped tiles looks very unappealing. Thus, it is important to invest a little on improving the floor quality.

  • Check Plumbing Issues

    It is very important to carry out an in-depth checking of house plumbing. Leaky faucets, taps, pipes, etc., leave a very bad impression in the minds of the prospective buyers. Bathrooms need to be in a perfect working condition. Tiles must be clean and polished. Bathtubs must also undergo a session of thorough cleaning. All taps and pipes must be in a perfect working condition.

  • Freshen up the exteriors

    We cannot control natural elements unleashing its fury on the exterior walls, but when the time comes to sell the house, it is advisable to spray cleaner on the walls to wash away the accumulated dirt to make it clean and fresh looking. The water must be sprayed at full force so as to wash away greasy stains and grime effectively. You can even hire professional cleaning services for this purpose. It is not a very expensive service and can be availed to give a new look to the house.

  • Refurbish and clean the Kitchen and Cabinets

    Kitchen is considered to be the most pious space in a residential setup. It is always said that the kitchen is the place where the homeowner feels most relaxed. Thus, it is important that before putting up on display, the kitchen floors are scrubbed clean; tiles are cleaned with a disinfectant, wooden cabinets are polished and dusted. If there is cockroach or termite infestation, it is important to get the pest and termite control treatment done.

  • Indulge in a little spring cleaning

    It is very essential to undertake a deep cleaning session in your house. Remove cobwebs, clean grimy balustrades, door knobs, window sills and corners. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove accumulated dust and dirt. Dusty house may result in a coughing fit for the potential buyer in case he/she suffers from respiratory troubles. If the floors are greasy or have a lot of stains, use tough floor cleaners to get rid of them.

  • Check Electrical Sockets and Equipment

    It is very important to check the electrical connections and sockets to ensure perfect working condition. If there is faulty wiring, it may result in a short circuit or electrocution. Switches and plug points must also be checked thoroughly. Fused bulbs and tube lights must be replaced with new ones. Proper lighted up house leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the prospective buyers.

  • Transform your house in an environment-friendly home

    Dense plantation and thick foliage surrounding the house can enhance its attractiveness by several notches. A home with greenery all around not only makes it presentable but also makes it an environment-friendly abode. Use decorative plants as well as flower or fruit bearing plants. Check the railing before planting climbers on the same. Use a lot of potted plants on the terrace and balcony.

  • Check out the parking space

    It is important that the parking area is not used as a storage space. If there are discarded items lying in the area, remove them. Make space for the prospective buyer to park his/her vehicle in a proper way. A shed can be used to cover the parking space, protecting the vehicles against rain or storm.

  • Use disinfectant in the toilet

    Toilets must be spotlessly clean. Use quality disinfectants to scrub and clean its floors, tiles, urinals and commodes. Stained and dirty toilets look very unattractive, and it may even deter people from making a buying decision. Check the drains for blockage and ensure they are in perfect condition.

  • Add some furniture

    Fill up space with some interesting pieces of furniture. It will not only enhance the look of space but also give an idea to the buyer about the overall look of the room. Moreover, furniture addition will also add warmth and comfort to space, making it more welcoming.