Be Eco-Friendly: Energy Saving Tips for Living Room

Making our homes eco-friendly becomes easier when we actually try our hands at it. There are tiny things we can do in our home, in rooms, to minimise the carbon footprints. The more we endeavour to go green at our living spaces the age of “safe environment” extends little further.

In the times, when climate change is the serious threat, it has become our responsibility to go green and conserve the environment, however, whenever and wherever we can.

Going green does not require you to invest money, but it saves you money. In some odd case, if there is a need to spend some money, you should. Because being energy conservative takes us one step closer to the world which is a better place for next generation. Here, we bring you some tips to make your home more eco-friendly than your expectations.

Saving Energy in Living Rooms

Because this is the place we frequently visit and use much more than any other site in the home. That’s why this room consumes the significant portion of energy/electricity than any other room or place. You can follow the below tips to make energy efficient living space.

  • Replacing the light bulbs: Replacing your incandescent yellow light bulbs LED or CFL bulbs will save you money on your electricity bill as well as being better for the environment. CFL bulbs use roughly 70% less energy than traditional bulbs and LED lesser than CFL. Nowadays, you also get LED bulbs on subsidised rates.

  • Switch off your appliances: Even when your TV, Radio or microwave oven is not in use, but still not switched off, it uses electricity. Get into the habit of unplugging things at the end of the day to save energy and money. Take a random walk through your home or before you go to sleep and it will become abundantly clear how many devices you can unplug to conserve energy.

  • Use draft excluders in Winters: When the entire family is in the living room, it is a good idea to heat that room and use a draft excluder to prevent heat escaping under the door. They come in a variety of colours and styles too.

  • Lay the Carpet: Carpet will keep your living room warmer and cozier, even if the full carpet is not an option, laying a rug on your wooden floor can have the same effect.

  • Install dimmer switches: Dimming the lights creates a nice cosy atmosphere and uses less energy, cools down the aura and saves you money. The savings are dependent on how dimly you light the room and the type of light bulbs you use.

  • Open the drapes: when it’s dawn, and the sun comes shining, open the drapes and let the sun light your home naturally; this is even good for summers. Using natural lighting is an easy approach to conserving energy. Letting the sun light in your home also creates a positive aura according to Vaastu principles.

  • Close the drapes, windows, doors: In summers, when you are using cooler or air conditioner in your home, close the drapes, which is already a common habit among gentle ones. Even, when you prepare to cool your room, close those points, from where heat can come in. For cooler, there should be a ventilation space, or it will create suffocation.

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