Check what is Trending in Office Space Designs!

  • Trend 1

    Spruced Up Waiting Area

    Subtle lighting and combined seating area make it more informal and comfortable. Placing of planters in the corners will make it more cheerful and happy space. People won’t mind waiting in this area at all. Moreover, this space can be used for impromptu meetings.

  • Trend 2

    Casual Meeting Booths

    With open door policy followed in many offices, meeting areas have also changed radically. Today, the trend is to have semi-enclosed booths for meetings. For team discussions and meetings, comfortable furniture can be used.

  • Trend 3

    Open Seating

    It has been seen that office having open space for meetings and work prove to be more productive for employees and clients. Reasonable privacy can be ensured with 120-degree desk arrangement while making it possible for them to communicate with their colleagues. Nowadays, informal atmosphere enhances working efficiency.

  • Trend 4

    Use of Vibrant colors

    Dull colors are passé! Today, offices are snapping at vibrant colors to add joy and cheer to office space. If the furniture is dull-colored, the room walls can be vibrant and vice-versa.

  • Trend 5

    Well-appointed pantry area

    Employees also need a break from time to time. Having a beautifully and creatively done up pantry area can add a fun element to overall space. High bar counter seating is also quite in vogue. Sofas instead of regular chairs also make seating comfortable.

  • Trend 6

    Open seating area

    With times, the seating area for the employees has also changed. The concept of open space with no screens and full freedom of interaction make working in the office a happy and productive experience. Planters can be kept here and there to add cheer to the area.

  • Trend 7

    All-purpose areas

    Offices are equipped with get-away space that allows employees to have an official discussion or brainstorming session, which becomes more constructive at such spots. Accent lights, wooden flooring and congenial atmosphere, make this area perfect.

  • Trend 8

    Video Conferencing Space

    With technology ruling our lives, offices have also succumbed to it and are having a separate, modern-looking video conferencing space. Comfortable seating makes it look trendier and sociable.

  • Trend 9

    Open Desking

    Offices are shifting to open desking instead of enclosed workstations so as to give a sense of freedom to the employees while working.

  • Trend 10

    Island Cabins

    With the informal atmosphere, island cabins have become quite popular. Having these cabins in office, the working environment becomes all the more attractive and trendy.

    These top ten trends in offices have successfully made them create happy and productive spaces where employees are encouraged to give their cent percent.

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    Credit: ET Realty