How to Keep Your Home Warm & Cozy in Winters

In the season of winter, like the current, the warmth of the sun is very much appreciated. But as we move towards peak winter months, keeping our homes warm becomes a challenge. It is better to think and find a perfect solution to keep the chill in the house at bay. Following certain tips, you can minimise the impact of cold while keeping your home warm.

Install a Fireplace

Installing a fireplace is a great idea to keep up the warmth quotient. It not only adds to the decor and style of the house but also keeps the aura warm. These days, there are a variety of fireplaces available that are easy and convenient to use. An electric fireplace is quite popular these days as it can be utilised with less hassle. Thus, many older homes where there is already a wooden fireplace are replacing it with an electric one. Unlike wooden fireplace, it doesn’t leave any mess around.

Stop Heat from Escaping

It’s hard to keep a house warm during the winters, and if whatever heat is left escapes, it becomes colder again. Many energy saving tips can be used for this purpose. One of the time-tested methods of preventing heat from escaping is the use of caulk. Fill in any gaps, holes or crevices in the walls and around the doors and windows with caulk and keep the inner aura warm and cosy. If a door or window is broken, get it repaired before winter sets in. These days, weather strips are also available using which people can prevent the heat from escaping under the doors. Block the vents properly so that heat is not allowed to escape. Some additional insulation can also help.

Add Layers

To stay warm and comfortable during chilly winters, one must add layers to their clothes. This keeps the person warm even when the temperature is dipping. Just like yourself, you can even dress your home in layers. It is possible by layering all those places from where there are chances of the cold wave rushing inside. There are many places from where cold air can seep in. These are basement floor, slab or crawl slab and more. Cold air coming through the basement floor can be prevented by adding a warm layer of a plush rug on the floor. If a carpet has already been laid on the floor, an additional mat can also be placed. A protective layer should also be added to the hardwood floor with a carpet of a rug pad.

Keep your Home Bright and Warm

Keep your room blinds and curtains drawn back so that whatever little sunlight is streaming inside is allowed to brighten the space. If it is dark outside, change the lighting setting and keep the rooms completely illuminated as it will give a feel of warmth.

These simple tips can help you make your home cold weather resistant and totally cosy and comfortable.

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