Key Questions to Ask Before Picking the Right Tenants

Finding tenants are not a difficult task but choosing the right tenant is no doubt challenging. Once you advertise the inventory with a local dealer, you may get a lot of responses. But, it is always best to be safe than sorry. Facing issues like exorbitantly priced maintenance repairs, unpaid rent, damage to the property, and more can cost the landlord big. Thus, before finalising a tenant, it is important to ask a few pertinent questions to ensure the safety and maintenance of your property.

  1. Why are you planning to move?

You can break the ice by starting the conversation asking the reason behind moving. A simple answer to this question can allay your diffidence.

  1. Can you furnish references from a former landlord?

Seeking landlord or employment references can not only help in finding out about the credibility of the person, but it will also tell a lot about his viable income. This way, the ability to pay rent can be ascertained. Moreover, speaking with the former landlord can help in accessing the honesty and dependability of the tenant.

  1. Are you ready to go through a credit/background/check?

Ask the prospective tenant if he/she is willing for a background check. If he/she refuses or is not ready for such a test, it is better to move to the next person. However, it is not necessary that there is something to hide, but if he/she is not happy with a background check, it is better not to rely on him/her.

  1. What’s the source of your income?

It is important to find out if the tenant can pay his/her monthly rent on time. This can be done by asking his/her income source, though it may sound a little rude. As per industry standards, the salary of the tenant must be 2-3 times more than the rental cost.

  1. Are you going to live alone or with a family?

If you want to enjoy some peace in your home, you will probably look for a couple-tenant. But, if your home is meant for a family, a family with kids can pay you better.

  1. Have you ever experienced eviction?

If the prospective tenant has been evicted from any of his/her previous homes, it is important to be a little cautious. An eviction is no doubt a big red flag that warns you of proceeding with extreme caution.

  1. Are you happy with a no-pets policy?

If you don’t like to have animals in your home, it is wise to ask the prospective tenants if they are satisfied with a no-pets policy. In case, you do allow pets; it is better to get everything in writing, like the number of pets allowed.

  1. When are you planning to move?

You can ask the tenants about their plans to occupy the home. You can ask them their plans, and if they coincide with yours, you can move ahead. Fix the dates so that there is no problem later due to miscommunication.

Asking these questions can help you safeguard your property and screening of the tenants is a foolproof way to stay safe.

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