Most Luxurious and Glamorous Homes in India!

  • Antilia, Mumbai

    Replete with modern amenities and facilities make luxurious homes look classy and elegant. Some of them are quite ostentatious while some are simple, yet sophisticated. Have a look at some of the most flamboyant and glitzy homes in India that will surely leave you awestruck.

  • NCPA Apartments, Mumbai

    Known for selling some of the costliest apartments in the country, the NCPA or National Center for Performing Arts is another building boasting of having premium addresses in Mumbai. Standing tall and imposing at the famous Nariman Point area, these apartments are priced at an approximate value of 29-35 crore.

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  • Mannat, Mumbai

    The home of Shah Rukh Khan, Mannat is another opulent and grand house located in Mumbai. Originally referred to as Villa Vienna, this bungalow belonged to Bai Khorshed Banu Sanjana Trust. After purchasing it, Shah Rukh named it as Mannat. The value of this bungalow is around 125-150 crore and is situated in the premium Bandra locality of Mumbai. The property is a six-floor high sea facing estate housing children’s play area, entertainment rooms, leisure area, a library and a private bar.

  • JK House, Mumbai

    Taller than the famous Mumbai landmark, Antilia, JK House is still under construction. It has been named after JK Industries, one of the prominent Indian Business Houses. Owned by the MD & Chairman, JK Industries, Gautam Hari Singhania, the house is going to have 37 floors. Considered as one of the luxurious homes in India, the building is coming up at Breach Kandy, Mumbai. The building will equip luxurious facilities like spa, gym, Raymond’s Showroom, health center, helipad, a museum of ornamental collection and more.

  • Abode, Mumbai

    The dream home of Reliance Group Chairman, Anil Ambani, Abode is amongst the top most luxurious homes present in Mumbai. This 66-meter tall building is under construction. Located in the plush Pali Hill area, the estimated value of the building is Rs 5,000 crore. The building is enriched with luxurious and modern amenities.

  • White House in the Sky, Bengaluru

    One of the flamboyant houses in Bengaluru, White House in the Sky is the plush estate of Vijay Mallya, the Kingfisher business tycoon. Also referred to as the Kingfisher Towers, this 34 story high tower has been constructed on 4.5 acre ancestral property. Worth Rs.100 crores, the bungalow has pool, spa, salon, helipad, office, private lobby, wine cellar, penthouse, office and an impressive vintage car collection. There are 82 apartments in the tower and Mallya himself resides on the 33rd and 34th floor.