Pet-Friendly Living: What to Look for in Your New Home

When looking for a home, it is very essential for buyers to consider factors like number of rooms, location, design, layout, architectural style, etc. Besides considering these factors, one factor that cannot be over-looked is a pet-friendly space, particularly if you are a devoted pet lover. When looking for a home and also thinking about your pet; you need to consider the following features in a home.

For Dog Owners:

  1. A Yard Space with Fence

If you have an active canine as part of your family, you need to have an open yard secured with a fence around its perimeter. Care should be taken that the fence is strong. One also needs to check any hollows in the ground as a sturdy and active dog may use it to escape the fence. The height of the barrier must also be checked as if you have a Great Dane at home; it may jump over the fence easily.

  1. Check the Landscaping

If you have a very active dog who is a jumper, it is necessary that the fence is surrounded securely by raised flower beds that deter it from jumping across. Also, ensure that no poisonous plant is surrounding the fence. Some plants to avoid are foxglove and lily of the valley. These plants if consumed can make a dog sick.

  1. A Mud Room

Look for a room where you can leave your dog surrounded by its toys, crate, and leashes and other equipment used by it. The floor of the room must be such that it can be scrubbed clean with not much effort.

For Cat Owners:

  1. Separate rooms for your kitty

These days, cat owners love to follow the concept of open living, but it is still better to have a separate room with a proper latch where you can leave your kitty behind when going out. This area can be cleaned periodically so as to ensure hygiene and the kitty will also feel safe and secure when you are away.

  1. An Airlock

You can also look for an airlock in the new home which has two doors, one to the inside and one to the outside. This way, your extra curious cat would not be able to sneak out whenever someone enters inside or goes outside.

  1. Check the windows

Check the windows and their height. If the windows are not at a great height and if you love to keep your windows open, there are chances that your kitten may jump the window and run away. It can create problems for you. Thus, either keep the windows shut or ensure that they are at a suitable height.

These days, renowned developers like Wave Infratech are constructing and developing homes in a way that they are not only spacious for occupants but also ideal for your pets too. Wave Infratech’s flagship project Wave City Center in Sector 32 is a true example of a luxurious living amidst the heart of Noida city. Buying a home in Amore & Trucia, Vasilia or Irenia will ensure that your pets will too enjoy a peaceful and comfortable existence along with you.

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