Re-create Your Kitchen Space by Sprinkling the Magic of Creativity

The kitchen is considered the heart of any home, from where the love is served. If you enjoy cooking for your family and are looking to add some spice in this healthy and hygienic place, you can do it by adding some uniqueness to it.

Today, there are a lot of choices that help in creating a luxurious and sophisticated kitchen. Here, we bring you the range of well-appointed kitchen layouts for making a perfect choice.

The One- Walled Kitchen


As the name suggests, in this kitchen design, the appliances and kitchen cabinets are installed on one wall, keeping the other wall completely bare. You can add a dash of colour to this wall or hang beautiful paintings or some attractive decor. The appliances are usually well-integrated with the sink in the middle and refrigerator at one end. This kitchen layout is perfect for a small kitchen as it takes limited space, is highly efficient and is easy to install.

Galley Kitchen


Galley Kitchen layout is used in households where there is no separate dining area. The appliances are lined in a row on both the walls with a passage to pass through. This layout adds efficiency to the entire section.

Kitchen Island


It is one of the most attractive and luxurious looking kitchens where the island or the preparation or dining area acts as the central point of the kitchen. The cabinets and appliances are installed around this island area. The overall look of this kitchen is remarkable. It gives a homely and warm feeling. Moreover, it looks quite spacious with a lot of space to store a variety of knick-knacks.

L-shaped kitchen


This is another layout which is commonly seen in most of the kitchens. Here, the appliances and work surfaces are designed in an L-shaped manner. This layout is designed around a dining area with two walls. The corner space can be used for installing adjustable worktops.

G-Shaped Kitchen


This kitchen layout is perfectly suitable for big homes. Here, the appliances and kitchen units are fitted and mounted in an oval shape. There can be a separate food preparation area or a nice horizontal bar at the kitchen mouth for those who love drinking. This is just an extension of an island kitchen with an additional area enhancing the functionality as well as the look. These kitchens are perfect for socializing while cooking and storing extra things.

Open Plan Kitchen


Such kitchens are perfect for small homes or apartments. The designing aspect of this kitchen is quite compact which goes well with the needs of a small family. This kitchen’s layout is very compatible with that of the house and is connected to the central area.

U-Shaped Kitchen


Such kitchens will be perfect in bigger homes or apartments. The kitchen size is quite flexible and offers spacious working area. If multiple people want to work in this kitchen, there will be no space constraint.

These kitchen layouts add elegance, grace, style and sophistication to space while ensuring enhanced functionality. Modular Kitchen with chimney and hob are also seen as a significant requirement in new age homes, which are being offered in projects like Irenia at Wave City Center.

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