4 Decor Tips to Bring out the Opulence in a Luxury Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment

When you think of a studio apartment, one of the first thoughts that come to your mind is probably of a cramped up dorm-like quarter. And while that might be the case in some places, not all studio apartments are lacking in elegance, especially not the luxury studio apartments.

Luxury studio apartments in residential areas in Noida, Gurgaon or any big city for that matter are well-designed so as to help the residents avoid cases of stuffiness and tastelessness. However, in order to ascertain that their luxury studio apartments do not feel cramped or cluttered, and retain their lavishness, here are decor tips you should follow: –

A rug for some splendor

Surprising though it may sound, a good rug could help make your space appear bigger and exceptional. A rug defines an area without making it seem too rigid. When selecting a rug for your space, choose one with incredible patterns but also make sure that it goes well with the remaining decor in the room.

A classic rug can keep your apartment looking both chic and warm at the same time.

Beautify with some mirrors

The thing about mirrors is that they are not simply practical, but also offer a clean and sophisticated look to a space. Mirrors have for long been connected to the appearance and aesthetics in interior designing. When buying a mirror for your luxury studio apartment, prefer one which is irregular in shape, as it well lend some character to the space.

It’s time for some elegant lighting fixtures

If you have purchased a luxury studio apartment, chances are that it already comes with lighting fixtures. Hey, but if you have a plan in mind with respect to how you wish to decorate your living space, no one said you cannot make modifications.

With the right kind of lighting, you could enhance the aesthetics of your apartment manifold. If you wish to go bold with the lighting, you must opt for some pendant lighting or a chandelier, but if simple and classy is what you want, you must choose wall lightings with simple details on them.

Include some amazing artwork

Art and luxury have had a deep connection, that too for a long time now. Art galleries and exhibitions have for ages been visited by the elite, and royals have even been known to act as patrons to artists. So, if you wish to make your luxury studio apartment look sophisticated, integrating some breath-taking pieces of art might actually be a good idea. It could be paintings, wall hangings, sculptures, wood work or whatever you find appealing.

Besides the above, you could also apply the ‘concept of double duty’ but in a smart manner within your apartment. For instance, placing a sofa opposite to the wall of the bed will not only enable the furniture to serve double duty but also make the layout more dynamic. Also, when placing in furniture pieces or other decor items, make sure that there is a sense of continuity in it all. This will help create a visual progression of space and make your apartment look roomier and well-kempt.

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