Bakery Shops in Noida

When we think of sweet stuff, a variety of sweet things comes to our minds such as chocolates, cake, lollipops, candies and baked cookies too. It’s almost every person’s guilty pleasure. But, the worry is in finding the best bakery shop because not every bakery will sell you good pastries. In Noida, one can’t go around complaining that the bakeries aren’t good enough to satisfy the sweet cravings. Because, here is the list of dainty bakery shops in Noida that will make you happy and leave you wanting for more.

  1. Donald’s Shop, Sector 18

The best pastry includes taste and yummy looks. An attractive and chocolatey cake is more tempting that a plain looking one. Donald’s Pastry Shop doesn’t make just tasty pastries but also produces one of the finest looking pastries. Cookies and cakes are made according to the customer’s wishes in various flavours here. They take orders for any occasion and deliver it exactly the way you want it.

4.2 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Top Breads, Sector 18

As the old saying goes about how experience always matters, Top Breads definitely does justice to it. It is one of the oldest bakeries in Noida that makes one of the finest baked eatables. They not only specialise in pastries but also in other baked stuff such as pizzas, rolls and hot dogs which taste great. Having the famous multiple-variety salad bar, this place is a boon for salad lovers as well. And important of all, it’s a decent priced bakery. Good food and reasonable rates, what else do we need!

3.8 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Defence Bakery, Sector 41

Speaking of experience and age, Defence Bakery with experience of over 50 years is yet another top notch bakery with high-quality products. Healthy baking is their top priority, and they also sell healthy products of baked goods such as whole-wheat bread, multigrain bread etc. So if you’re planning to present someone a cake on birthday, simply trust Defence Bakery to prepare, because you are at the right place.

2.2 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Theos, Sector 41

If a proper bakery with all kinds of fancy bread and confectioneries are more of your forte, then Theos is the right place for you. They are a premium Patisserie and Chocolaterie shop which provides baked goods at par with international quality and taste. You will get any and every kind of pastry and bread you look for. Aside from the huge professional bakery set-up, there is also a side to side restaurant which serves savory foods. Just perfect!

3.3 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Angles in My Kitchen, Sector 18

‘Angles in my kitchen bakery’ is yet another bakery if you’re looking for amazing taste at affordable prices. Their bakery’s chain of around ten outlets speaks for itself. Had it not been great bakery it won’t be spreading its branches with such velocity. They provide both eat-in and order deliveries.

3.7 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Otik Bakery, Sector 61

The last but not the least is the Otik Bakery. It’s a huge line of pastry business offering beautiful cakes like fondant cakes, picture cakes, and toy cakes. They also do deliveries of all special orders made to them. If surprising your loved ones with customised cakes is your plan, this bakery is your destination.

3.8 Kms from Wave City Center

Look up online for order and pricing details and satiate your taste buds. Happy pastry adventuring!!!


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