Dance the Night Away in These Hottest Dance Clubs of Noida

Clubbing and nightlife in Noida

There is something always different about nightlife. Dark parties are always alluring that give out magical vibes. The nightlife in Noida is the kind of experience that you shouldn’t miss out. There are lots of clubs in Noida with outstanding musical aura and luring dance floors just for you. All you have to do is slip on your favourite dress, put on your dancing shoes and head to the happening clubs. Keep reading to know the best and hippest club in the town.

  1. LIT Ultra Bar Club & Lounge, Sector 18

LIT Ultra is definitely one of the hottest clubs in Noida sector-18, where you can go dancing your night away. Not only is it budget friendly but also gives the perfect club atmosphere you desire. It’s a young club, and it offers all the varieties of cocktails. What can be said of the interior decor? Mystical. The DJ playing in the house has happening beats that will make you move your legs to the rhythm all night long.

5.9 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Reverb Disc, Sector 38, Noida

Another budget friendly club in Noida is the Reverb Disc. It is situated in Great India Mall, sector-38, Noida. It may be one of the first born clubs of Noida, but one can expect a splendid time here. The crowd here mostly comprises of university students who make the place youthful and vibrant. The best part is they allow free entries. You will find the fire burning on the dance floor every night with DJ playing the hottest tracks.

5.9 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Quantum Club, Sector 18

A club is more appreciated when it is spacious and can accommodate maximum because everyone likes to have fun once in a while and a packed, super tight club with no place to move is a disappointment. At Quantum club, one will never run out of place. The location is at Center Stage Mall, sector-18, Noida. It is sprawled across three floors and is also called the super club of the city considering its separate bars on each floor. The interior designs are impeccable and believed to have been done by Swarovski designers. All the dance lovers usually go here, it’s a dream heaven for them as the club plays up to 1,00,000 watts of sound level. Amazing right?

4.4 Kms from Wave City Center

  1. Turquoise Cottage, Sector 38

Turquoise Cottage- TC Original 1997 – The name itself feels really welcoming and antique. The club gives out a safe and relaxing aura with beautiful wooden influenced interior decor. It is located in the Gardens Galleria Mall in sector-38, Noida. There are both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements, and the outdoor occupiers get to enjoy an incredible view. The buzz is that their drinks are the best in town with perfect mixing and quantity. Let’s not forget the music, from the latest hits to all-time favourites are played all night long to keep the party going.

5.7 Kms from Wave City Center

Wear your foot-tapping footwear and explore these places to experience a magical night and one that will be hard to forget. Happy dancing!!

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