HSSC-A Luxury Experience that Goes Beyond Malls and Multiplexes

High Street Shop Condominiums

At one time, even the opportunity of visiting a mall or a modern multiplex was a passion for people in India. But today, the mall culture has pervaded nearly every city and town in the country, to the point that even a small town has at least one or two malls.

So, for a retailer, a boutique owner, or a franchise, a start-up or a high-end multinational brand, who wants to showcase its presence to the maximum and not confined within the glass walls, it would be wise to look for different ways in which they can showcase their brand in a space that goes beyond ordinary malls.

Nowadays, high street shopping concept is competing with the mall culture where people come for both shopping and entertainment. Whereas, high street shopping destinations are the pure terminus for shopping for visitors and a prime place of the brand showcase for retailers.

Shop condominiums like HSSC are never less than a hi-end shopping complex or a mall because they have a well-planned design, glass facade for visibility, ample parking space, and dedicated lifts and escalators.

Shop Condominiums at Wave City Center!

One of the most important things to consider when investing in a commercial space is the location. This is where Wave City Center ticks all the right boxes!

Location Advantages

Wave City Center is now the hub of activity in the Delhi-Noida region. Located in sector 32 of Noida, it is less than 5 kilometres away from the important points connecting to Kalindi Kunj, DND Toll Plaza, Sector 18, and is right next to the Wave City Center Noida Metro Station. So owning a retail space in High Street Shop Condominiums ensures easy accessibility for your target audience to reach your store, whether by car or metro or another mode of transport. The most important aspects of your brand are, a central location that is easy to reach, where parking is not a problem, and where people can also get other forms of entertainment and dine out with their friends or family, thus making an excellent outing in total when they come to shop at your store!

What are High Street Shop Condominiums?

HSSC, as they are also called, are the latest offerings by Wave City Center that promises to provide an international luxury shopping experience for connoisseurs of all the large things in life, right here in India. For business owners, this is a unique opportunity to align with high-end retail brands that will also elevate the reputation of their brand.

What are the product features of HSSC?

The commercial spaces at HSSC start from 204.9 sq.m. to 386.63 sq.m. Most of the units have double side entry so that one can conveniently access the space. Each unit has its own lift and staircase. With a transparent glass facade, you also get maximum visibility from the outside, which helps to attract more visitors to your store. There is 100% power backup, so you don’t have to worry about the electricity illuminating your store.

There are dedicated parking lots with escalators and lifts from the parking to the store, so your customers are well taken care of. These are centrally air-conditioned units that are G+2 storeys each. The condominium front has a stone finish with glazing, which gives it an ultra-luxury look.

With different payment plans available and banks ready with loan pot, nothing is stopping an enterprising business owner from stepping into HSSC and making a best decision ever! The new shopping experience is here to stay!

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