Updates of Residential Properties at Wave City Center-August 2016

  • Strategically located in the heart of Noida city at Sector 32, the construction and development of Wave City Center is in full swing. The high end and premium serviced residential apartments namely Amore & Trucia, Vasilia and Irenia are all set to meet the milestones and set benchmarks in the industry.

    Let’s slide through to know more about the Construction Updates!


    Amore offers premium serviced residences for people who love to enjoy finer things in life. The project offers 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, replete with modern amenities and features. Excellently planned and designed, these residences exude glamour and luxury.

    Block 2B of AMORE:

    • Tower A – Half of the 30th floor slab work has been completed. The reinforcement task for other floor slabs is completed.


    • Tower B –50% of 30th floor slab is completed wherein the remaining work is under progress.
  • Block 2B of AMORE

    • Tower C – Terrace slab work is complete.


    • Tower F – Slab work has been completed till 16th Column reinforcement and floor slab work are under progress for rest.

    • Tower D – 23rd floor slab work is completed. 50% of reinforcement slab work is completed for 24th floor.


    • Tower E –16th floor slab work is completed. Reinforcement for columns for terrace slab work is under progress.

    Trucia offers high-class living in premium residences for those who are looking forward to cherishing a luxurious lifestyle. Modern design and ultra-rich interiors make these residences different from others. Modern amenities make this project worth investing into.

    BLOCK 2D TRUCIA (Tower B &C)

    • Tower B – Ground floor slab work is complete.


    • Tower C – 100 percent Ground floor slab work has been completed.
  • BLOCK 2D TRUCIA (Tower H)

    • Tower H – 3rd Floor slab work is completed. 50% of Floor slab reinforcement work has been completed for 4th floor while the rest is under progress.
  • BLOCK 2D TRUCIA (Tower F&G)

    • Tower F – Slab work has been completed till second floor and shear walls and column work is going on for the 3rd floor.
    • Tower G – Second floor slab work is completed.
  • BLOCK 2D TRUCIA(Tower E)

    Tower E – First floor slab work is complete. Shear Walls and Columns reinforcement work for 2nd floor in under progress.


    An epitome of luxury and comfort, Vasilia premium residences will offer you a life that you have always dreamt of. Offering 2 & 3 bedroom premium apartments, Vasilia stands out to be a glorious abode in every sense.

    BLOCK 2D VASILIA (Tower D)

    Tower D – Ground floor slab work has been completed.


    Located in the heart of Noida, Irenia – 2 and 3 bedroom premium residences is a true place to plan a stress-free and luxurious life with your family and loved ones. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the project is unique and stands out amongst the rest.


    Tower A–Ground floor slab work has been completed. Half of the reinforcement work for 1st floor slab is completed. Currently, the construction for remaining floors is under progress.

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