Every employee contributes towards a company’s objectives in one form or the other. It is thus, important for companies to provide a workplace that can help in enhancing their productivity. Lighting arrangements at workplace play a pivotal role in employees’ productivity. This is surely an important criterion that no employer should ignore.

As per one of the studies conducted by American Society of Interior Design, it is found that 68% (approx.) of employees complain about lighting arrangements in their offices. According to this study, many employers are ignoring the fact that proper lighting enhances employees’ productivity. Either the lights are too dim to work under or too radiant to hurt employees’ eyes and head.

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Effects of Dim and Harsh luminance

Dim illumination

  1. It may cause a headache and eye strains. When lights are dim, it becomes difficult for eyes to see clearly. Thus, eyes are forced to focus hard to look at the things.
  2. Inadequate light results into the lack of focus, which further results into demotivation.
  3. Flickering light causes irritation and deviates the focus from work.

Office lighting arrangementsOver-illumination

  1. Bright lights at the workplace may bother employees working on laptops and LED computers. It results into eye strains and may even cause severe headaches.
  2. Over-illumination has been linked to headaches, fatigue, medically defined stress, anxiety,
  3. Unnecessary electric lighting is expensive and energy-intensive.
  4. Some studies attribute migraine headaches to overly intense light

Let the natural light enter your office!

natural light in office

According to one of the studies published in “The Responsible Workplace”, natural light is the best solution to enhance employees’ productivity. It not just enhances the productivity but also increases the level of satisfaction among employees. There are two major reasons for this, which are:

  1. Natural light maintains the balance between dim and harsh lights and employees can focus on work without a headache or harm to eyes.
  2. Natural light indirectly affects the mood, behavior, and hormonal balances. It helps employees stay energetic and full of motivation, resultant of which they perform incredibly well.

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Apart from the usage of natural lights, another alternative is to keep a check on the positions of artificial lights. Asking Interior Decorators to use them wisely at right locations is the second best alternative.

So, let the natural light enter your office premises. Having huge windows with less artificial lights helps employees to focus on work, keep them in a good mood and self-motivated too. After all, a small initiative of using lights appropriately will help them increase their productivity and save electricity consumption.

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