‘Live amid nature!’

You must have heard this statement by many people and companies but did you ever imagine living in a tree? You must be finding this thought a little crazy but think about it. Isn’t it amazing to have real tree branches, leaves etc. entering your bedroom or living area? This is not a joke, tree houses do exist.

The concept of tree houses started gaining popularity in the mid-1990s in the United States and a few parts of Europe. These houses are constructed around or next to the trunk or branches of trees. Sometimes these buildings are used as places for recreation purposes, work areas, or temporary retreats while in some places these are used as real homes.

Myths about tree houses

Tree houses may leave you an impression of having a poorly conditioned house on a tree but that’s not true. Many architects have developed tree houses with amazing designs and structure. In fact, they are considered to be the houses that are owned for lavish living. Using nature is also an art and many architects have successfully captured the essence of nature in their tree homes.

Take a look at some of the beautiful tree houses with awesome interiors and formation.

  1. Mirror Cube, Sweden

Tree house

Tree House

  1. Roost Treehouse

Roost tree house

roost tree house

  1. E’terra Samara Retreat, Canada

Tree house

Tree house

The comfort of living in nature!

Tree houses are the true examples of houses that allow you to experience nature closely. They are like an exotic place that helps you create your own fairy land. Such houses can fascinate everybody.

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These days, city dwellers and their next generation hardly experience nature in metropolitan cities, who grow in a zone of concrete and buildings. So, a child who only hears or sees such homes in cartoons and televisions gets really fascinated with the idea of living in a tree house.

After spending the whole life in a metropolitan city working hard for kids and family, one can enjoy the leisure corner in such homes.

Therefore, it would be right to say that tree houses are the real space within nature and serve like a natural remedy to our stressful minds. We all can live close to nature by either living in a tree house at an isolated place or by creating garden and plantation in our homes.

We will tell you about gardening and plantation tips in our upcoming blog, keep visiting us!

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