Vastu Effects of West Facing Entrances

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Whether you are living in Noida or in Gurgaon, paying attention to simple things like vastu tips can make a huge difference in your lifestyle. While vastu has many tips for decorating your interiors and for the floor plan like where the bedroom, study room, etc. should be, what a lot of people do not know is that vastu tips depend a lot on where your entrance lies. While most developers offer flats in Delhi NCR that are vastu-compliant, a lot of people still tend to look for east or north facing homes as a priority, where west facing homes are generally the third choice for people. However, what people do not really know is the fact that vastu is not just a set of hard rules, but more of dynamic guidelines that will vary with different factors.

Homes with West Facing Entrances

Homes that only face towards one of two directions is something that is not practically possible. So, there will be a number of flats that would face towards the west or the south and people will definitely at some point buy them. Does this mean that they are doomed to have bad luck for life? Of course not, they will just have to remember the vastu for west facing homes and they can easily let positive vibes flow through their homes.

Placement of the Entrance

Where you place your entrance has a role to play in vastu. To start with, divide the entire length of the front of the house into nine equal parts or padas. Considering the one at the northwest corner as the first pada, number them all from 1 through 9.

According to this, the main entrance of your home can be located anywhere in the 3rd – 6th pada. In case there are constraints in choosing these padas, you can have the entrance in the 1st or 2nd pada as well. While it won’t be as beneficial as the first option, it won’t be bad either. Padas 7 through 9 on the other hand should always be avoided.

Vastu tips when living in Noida in a west facing home

It may be said that most of the rules of vastu that are applicable in any other home also hold true for west facing homes, be it in Noida or some other city. Some extra things that you should however, keep in mind are as follows:

Of the West

    • You should never position the entrance in your west facing home in the 7th, 8th, and 9th padas.
    • Do not plan to or install any water sump or bore well towards the southwest direction in your west facing home.
    • If you plan to extend your existing plot, make sure that you do not do any extensions in the southwest area of the plot.
    • It is also a good idea if the kitchen of your home is not positioned in the southwest direction.
    • When you put in a kids’ room, you have quite a few choices in location – northwest, west, or south.
    • You can plan to put in your guest bedroom in the northwest area of the home.
    • The southwest corner of the home is one of the most ideal locations for the bedroom.
  • The northwest corner or the southeast corner of the house can be considered as good locations for the kitchen.

And The East

    • The southeast side has always been considered as being the best location for a kitchen, given that
    • there are no problems in doing so.
  • For highly auspicious results, you can also plan to have your living room and even the puja room in the northeast side of the home.

Along with the standard tips

    • If the plot of the home slopes from the south to the north, it is said to be very auspicious for the family.
    • Make sure that the north end of the plot or home is not higher than the south end.
    • The walls of your home towards the south and the west should be thicker and higher as compared to the walls in the north and east of the home.
  • If you have multiple floors in your home, you can think about putting the master bedroom on the highest floor.

Whether you are living in Noida or have a flat in some other region in Delhi NCR which faces towards the west, with these simple vastu tips, you can easily let auspiciousness and prosperity flow through your home.

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