The kick for opulent living and the urge for achieving a higher status in the society are rapidly witnessing a demand for luxury homes, particularly in metropolitan cities of India. Improvement in borrowing money, fall in the interest rate and higher disposable income has actually worked as a stimulus for the same.
The desire for owning a luxury apartment is being observed around the globe. According to the CAL Research estimates, penthouses account for 23% of sales (revenue) in new developments in Colombo.

Be it a duplex penthouse or giant mansion, a luxury home blends aesthetics with cutting-edge amenities. Let’s take a look at what exactly qualifies your apartment to the luxury class:

1. A picture perfect location

Luxury, in true sense lies in a prudent balance of connectivity, environment and panorama. How close is your apartment to shopping venues, education and skill centers, transport services, recreation parks, etc. or how much noise or pollution the passing traffic creates should be considered.

2. The architectural flair the building reflects

Who wouldn’t love a balcony to watch sunsets every evening or a dazzling and relaxing escape in form of bedrooms? All depends on the architect you rely on! Look for a strong foundation, use of superior quality materials and innovation that retains its shine with time.

3. Availability of top-grade amenities

Be it breathtaking private terrace gardens, house cinema, Jacuzzi, gym, swimming pool, lounge or spa, luxury apartments must be scrupulously structured to offer complacency, with charismatic interiors and ultra-modern facilities.

4. How well equipped your luxury project is

Paying for a luxury home doesn’t alone include external glamour but also comprises of features of practical usage. For instance, adequate storage space, sufficient number of closets, insulated windows, high ceilings, eat-in kitchens, etc. speak for your opulent property.

5. Your safety remains locked

Maintaining proper security without spoiling the beauty of the apartment is crucial part of any luxury project. Make sure you have an access to all plausible safety options!

6. Affordable condition and maintenance charges

Just buying an apartment isn’t enough! You must peep in deeper to know the condition and maintenance charges such as electricity charges and remodelling costs to assess your budget required to keep your apartment in shape.

7. Free of any kind of dispute

Prior to investment, ample investigations onto the policies and approvals of the local authority and authenticity of the documents should be made.

8. Promising resale value

While considering any investment venture, it’s imperative to make your final decision based on the possible returns in future. Those investing on penthouses and other luxurious houses in metros can expect more returns than similar investments in small towns.

9. Smart township with who’s who of the society

A green certified smart township with IT driven e-governance owns a reputation of futuristic living. Plus, the major coup and uniqueness of your high-end apartment depends upon the recognition of the neighbours. A posh locality is most often resided by celebrities from all walks of life.

10. Builder’s reputation

When selecting a posh property, the reputation of the builder and his successful projects matter a lot. After all, you will be investing your whole life’s savings and of course you don’t want to be disappointed! The real estate developer in Noida, Wave Infratech has already struck the hit list for catering to the needs for apartments.

So, with the hope and list in your head, shop for your dream home without much bargain with your desires!