If we travel back in time, there will be screaming, playing and laughing.

There is nothing more beautiful than the memories of childhood.

Childhood is the most precious time in one’s life. The memories of childhood are either the fondest ones or the ones that are fictitiously dreadful. This is the best time for kids to learn and adapt the nature, the compassion towards other beings. Childhood plays an important role in one’s development and how we grow as people. It is the time to revel in the fun and enjoy to the maximum.

Today is the age of internet where children stick to indoor activities and spend maximum time indoors. But outdoor activities are equally important to keep the mind healthy. Also, it has been scientifically proven that children learn more while playing. Playing outdoor games build confidence and physical strength. It opens their mind to use their creativity and imagination. It is while playing the outdoor games children interact with the world around them.

Did you ever think about all the different ways children learn while playing? You could make a long list like-

  1. Active, Physical Play
  2. Dramatic, Imaginative Play
  3. Creative, Expressive Play
  4. Social Play
  5. Mental Play

A lot of child-centric memories are built in the house they live. Home captures memories.

Keeping that in mind, Wave City Center in Noida has made provisions for open areas, swimming pools, kids’ play¬†area and well designated outdoor places for children to have the best time of their lives.

The days that are gone, are gone. But memories stay with us forever.