All happiness begin with the construction of your dream home, and the construction site is where we all like to visit often, and who do not love to see his dreams taking shape in the structural form. Visiting it frequently offers several valuable insights about the property and helps us know the actual progress in construction and how its quality is being preserved. It also facilitates an easy and quick cross-check of all the important components that go into making of our dream home.

We have few top things that you must check while visiting your construction site.

1. Earth moving and excavation

Check if the walls are vertical and even, and also check if all cut earth faces are well supported and ‘cut in’. There is zero tolerance against any error in the evenness of walls growing from the foundation cuts.


2. Underground piping and plumbing

This is an important element that plays a vital role in the long term unification of physical structure of your home. Check if the pipes are put with correct ground alignment and not located where you may want to create paths or gardens. Also, check if the drain pipes have sufficient water carrying diameter and the drainage system meets with the building by-laws.


3. Foundation

The foundation upon which your home is being established is of prime importance in the development. The footings need to be straight and rightly positioned. Though, its finish does not matter because it’s an underground thing.


4. Ground and Ceiling strength

Concrete slabs add extra toughness and agility to the ground/ceiling of your home. Ensure the floor is fully laid in one pour and there is no lag between deliveries. Also, make sure that the concrete is cured properly under the inspection of site in-charge or builder.


5. Flooring and design

The one which matters most is flooring, if done correctly, adds a classy touch and finish to your home. Check if the timber is laid correctly and is sufficiently seasoned for wooden flooring.


6. Windows and Doors framing

This is the midway phase of construction. Check if the timber or aluminium used is rightly preserved, correctly positioned and sized. Also, check if the bracing elements are in place and not creating undulations in the wall.


7. Brick laying and finish

Check if there is satisfactory level of quality finish and that there is no evidence of mortar splashes. Also, take special note that there are sufficient ventilation gaps at the bottom and not blocked with excess mortar.


Your home is an asset that you’ll cherish the most in your life. Ensure that you thoroughly check every aspect of it. After all, it is a reflection of your personality.

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