The shelter is the basic need of every individual. Everyone wishes to own a beautiful corner in this huge busy world where they can have a peace of mind. Even with so many emotions attached to a home, it is still a dream for many. Often people compulsively live in a rented house rather than owning one. After all, it is a big decision and it calls for a huge investment.

Not only does it call for one-time investment, but, a buyer is also bound to pay monthly installments, taxes, maintenance charges thereafter. So, let’s take a look at some of the questions which every investor should ask himself before investing in property:

Economic questions:

  • Can I afford it?
  • Am I planning to create an asset?
  • Am I open to living with price swings?
  • What benefits will I earn from this investment?
  • Am I locking my money in a huge investment?

Emotional questions:

  • How mobile am I?
  • Do I hate house hopping?
  • Is my investment fulfilling my needs?
  • Do I really want to invest, or should I save it for now?

The answer to all the above questions is another question, so how about choosing the same amount of EMI in place of rent?

In India, Delhi/NCR has witnessed a lot of growth in real estate. Not only real estate investors have earned good returns but were also able to earn good rental income from those properties. Due to the emerging need of rental property from the professionals working in the corporate hubs like Noida, Gurgaon etc., the rental prices have increased incredibly. So why opt for a heavy option of rent and not buying a home which can generate rental income or can save you huge monthly rent!

Many builders offer various payment options including easy EMIs and after possession EMIs. Instead of paying hefty rents, how about opting for EMIs and creating an asset for you. The biggest advantage of EMIs is that you need to pay the money that is almost similar to rents. The only difference is that EMIs are given to the realty project developers or banks while rent is to the landlords. In fact, EMIs help in creating an asset for you after investing some capital as down payment.

Investors putting their money in Indian real estate also enjoy a lot of tax benefits. They get a rebate on the principle amount if their annual income is less than 5 lakhs. Also, looking at the past growth of Indian real estate, it is undoubtedly a great industry to invest in. But it is essential to note that good returns are generated from wise investments only. Choosing a good realty project from a leading real estate company is important in order to earn huge returns.

Otherwise, there are many projects and builders where you can buy a property from, but good returns are expected from good projects only, and who build good and future-ready projects? A reputed builder with a positive track record.

Likewise, Wave Group is building its future-ready and integrated townships in Noida and Ghaziabad, which is Wave City Center and Wave City. It offers homes, shops and offices which are well-designed realty products.

You can know more about future-ready living spaces with easy EMI options, by just typing your query.

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