A balcony that makes you stand parallel to the rainbow overlooking the raindrops cascading on the lush lawn below…. This might have been a sequel of your dream home fancies. But, how do you identify the property that you have been looking for? Statistics from ZyFin Research reveals an upward shifting consumer sentiment in the recent months. Factors like tax deductions and optimistic indications for increment in the present and the coming years are making the apprehensive investors to come out of their fear shells and take a call!

Points on what exactly are the top prior things to look for while buying a property


Here is a quick list of facts to consider before you jump on to sign the property agreement:

The price fits in your budget

Is the price too high, too low, or somewhere in between? Don’t get rapt in the pricing games! Knowing what best fits in your budget after squaring your accounts is demanding and hence, calls for comprehensible study and slick advice.

The ambiance does matter

Who wouldn’t prefer a buoyant city to a hackneyed setting? The location and its surrounding environment are pivotal factors in determining the property values. Keeping an eye on the locale offers you with a better clue about the place as well as resource availabilities to aptly suit your necessities.

Signs of future success – Good return values

Chances of selecting a property just based on the current location or price remains high among buyers, which often turn out to be misleading. So, why not bore in deeper to see if your potential property is toning down or burgeoning?

Check in for the Liveability Ratings

Knowledge about the local and cultural differences, economical progress and latest developmental works in the area is definitely worthwhile. A good idea about the neighbourhood which includes availability of schools, colleges, job opportunities, traffic details, air quality, energy requirements and other technological advancements helps you to make a right choice.

Tax provisions should not be ignored

As tax rates are not standard across the nation, it asks for tax planning. Before picking up a property, always study the tax schemes in details so that it never hinders in your way to the dream investment.

Conveyance facilities

Proper transport options play a key role in flaunting your property values. No one desires a beautifully designed complex with minimal connectivity. Make sure your property remains well connected to the major hubs in the city! This is why properties having Metro stations at walking distance have higher resale value than those located in remote areas.

Fundamental needs

Consideration should be constructed based on fundamental needs such as clean and adequate water supply, proper sewage disposal means, health care options, food resources, rainwater harvesting, etc.

Expert advice

Suggestions from expert real estate developers should always be taken into account. However, the investor should make sufficient investigation on the reputation of the real estate builder before taking the final decision. Be it legal issues, marketing strategies or purchase details, seeking advice from experienced agents, friends and relatives helps you in choosing the right property.

Though at the first glance, the entire process may seem messy and daunting, a rational and systematic approach acts as the saviour for sure!

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