Residential properties are the first choice for property investment measures for many. However, a few factors like loan restrictions, higher prices make it complicate to buy a second property. With residential property becoming gradually more synchronized and high-priced, commercial properties have become a worthwhile alternative. If you too are planning to invest in a property, you should invest smartly. Before you settle on to buy, conduct proper research and understand your need for commercial and residential property.

Investing your money in a residential property is a thoughtful and emotional decision when buying it for own use. Some people own a house just because it is good for them. The Residential property offers both personal and mental satisfaction.

Although if you own one house already, then opting for commercial property is likely to be the right pick. Commercial property buying is a complete win-win situation as it leads to both- increase in capital and rental income. Rental income in commercial property is approximately three times high than in the case of a residential property. The possible rate of returns in a commercial property is more than residential property.

Let’s look at what’s best in residential and commercial property:

Factors Residential Property Commercial Property
Short Term Leases The Residential property leases are generally made for a Short duration. Commercial leases are usually made for several years.
Goods and Service Tax Impact Not applicable for residential properties. Only applicable for a commercial property, which allows an extra 10% on the property buying price.
Maintenance Costs Low maintenance cost Higher as compared to Residential.
Location It is suggested to invest in a property which is in a good location and offers excellent transportation. The property’s location plays a major role in the success of any commercial property. It is suggested to invest in a commercial property which is in a good business area.
Rental Returns Lower Rental Returns Higher Rental Returns


So, with the comparison chart, we can figure out that both kinds of property investments have different benefits and returns. And, in the cases related to property buying, an investor is always bound to do proper research and differentiate his needs.

But, when it comes to the mix of properties like residential and commercial at one place, Wave City Center tops the list, which is the largest commercial and residential haven in the heart of the city of Noida. This multi-use city center is spread over 152 acres and proffers premium residential apartments and commercial office and shop spaces, ranging in different sizes to match varying needs.

Looking for a Residential Property?

Below is the quick round up of Residential Projects


  • Location: Wave City Center, Noida
  • 2 & 3 Bedroom premium residences

Amore and Trucia:

  • Location: Wave City Center, Noida
  • 2,3 & 4 Bedroom premium serviced residences


  • Location: Wave City Center, Noida
  • 2 & 3 Bedroom premium residences


  • Location: Wave City Center, Noida
  • Fully furnished studio apartments with commercial license

 Thinking to Invest in Commercial Projects?

 Here is a list of Lucrative Commercial Projects-


  • Location: Wave City Center, Noida
  • Retail, Shopping & Entertainment

High Street Shop Condominiums

  • Location: Wave City Center, Noida
  • Triple level exclusive retail showrooms

Think wisely, make a smart choice.

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