The blend of outstanding architectural designs and beautiful interiors make a house a luxury property. Each individual wish to own a beautiful home and awesomeness only happens when great architecture combines with appealing interiors and exteriors. There are more such beautiful homes in the world today, some of them are contemporary and some are from the ancient era.

Real luxury was never dependent upon time and technology, archaically it was called imperial. But, in today’s world, a spectacular architecture and fine interiors, exteriors and landscape conjointly bring a property into the luxury category.

Let’s admire some beautiful houses and think highly of their architectural plan and beautiful interiors created by the experts that give global identity to the entire place they are located in.

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Let’s sum up top 5 luxury properties in the world with exceptional architecture.

  1. Bridle Road Residence in Cape Town, Africa

The Bridle Road Residence in Cape Town, South Africa is amongst the most visually stunning and sustainably focused homes in the world. It focuses on sustainable construction and truly breathtaking landscaping with local flora, the Bridle Road Residence has earned an Honor Award 2010 from the American Society and Landscape Architects.


  1. Casa Fez in Portugal

 Casa Fez, a house in Portugal, designed by architect Alvaro Leite Siza Vieira which he calls “the work of his life” and created for himself. The project needed a lot of willpower and courage because of its architecture and complications included in the design.

With this residence, Alvaro Leite Siza aimed to achieve a new kind of romanticism and he continued his artistic thought throughout.

The architect started planning his dream house in 2014 and the construction was finally finished recently. He himself did all the things like planning, coordinating, supervising, interiors, lighting and furniture, and even paintings.

Casa Fez

Casa fez also holds some historical and timeless pieces.

  1. Casa no Geres in Portugal

 Casa no Geres, designed by Portugal-based architect has received its fair share of international awards and exposure. This is the first project by Gracia Correia and her Italian partner Robert Ragazzi.

From some angles, the house seems like an accident, some kind of a mishap with transportation containers and building materials. One part of the building is buried inside the hill while another sticks out over the river.

Casa no Geres

  1. Coronet Grove Residence in Melbourne, Australia:

The Coronet Grove Residence is built on one of the most elevated seaside locations in Beaumaris, having 270-degree views of port Philip Bay and is based upon ESD (Environmentally Sustainable Design) principles.

A strategy was developed to split the building into two elements, a south facing cantilevered zinc clad living element and a two-story north facing masonry bedroom element.

For the security purposes of Coronet Grove Residence, steel entryways are utilized which makes it even more secure and beautiful.

Coronet Grove

  1. Crompton House in Woodville, Australia: Amazing use of lights in the front yard of this beautiful makes it the most desirable one among people.

 The outstanding façade highlights carefully chosen materials such as expansive use of glass, stone and warm western red cedar timber with glorious natural light and a sense of free flowing energy throughout.

Luxurious wide entrance sets the scene with large polished porcelain tiles in a warm mushroom color contrasting with neutral walls.

Crompton House

Master bedroom is on the ground floor with discrete dressing room fully furnished with floor to ceiling built-in wardrobes and mirror.

All the above 5 houses have their own beauty to admire but have one thing in common and that is, their superb architecture and great interiors.

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