Vastu Tips for Purchasing an Office in Noida

Office Space in Noida

If you are looking to purchase office space, one thing that you shouldn’t overlook is Vastu tips. The office space you will buy will be the place from where you will be earning. This will also be the place where you will be spending most of your productive time. The right Vastu can help your business scale greater heights. Here are a few tips for your office space in Noida that you must consider before purchasing an office.

Office Entrance and Direction

When you buy an office space in Noida, ensure that it is in a North, North-East or North-West facing direction. These directions bring good fortune and positivity. Also, these directions are the most auspicious for office spaces and are known to make employees feel fresh and very productive. North is also known as the direction of Kuber, who is the lord of wealth. Thus, it can profit you on the financial growth front. The next direction that is the best for your office space is East; this direction fosters work growth. Remember, the direction to your office space should either be in North or East direction. Also, the entrance door should not open onto an interior wall as this can block the energy flow.

Reception area

Reception area is the first thing a visitor will see. Be it an employee, client or visitor, the reception area plays a vital role in projecting the nature and power of your organisation. Therefore, the area should be calm and one that gives out positive vibes. Ideally, the reception area should be constructed in the East or Northeast directions. Further, the area should have comfortable seating with the receptionist either facing the East or the North direction. Decorating the area with flowers and offering sweets to visitors can help create a positive aura and good relationships with the visitors.


When you buy an office space in Noida, ensure that it has a staircase in the South or South-West corner of the building. Make sure that the stairs are not in the centre of the office as it can lead to financial loss. Paint the staircases in subtle light colours and strictly avoid black and red colours.


According to Vastu for office space, the interior decor and the colours should be bright and vibrant. Bright colours will help spread positivity in office and also reflect light in all the directions. Also, if the walls of the office are painted with dark colours, negative vibes might creep in which may act as a barrier in your business’s success.

Employees Seating

For your employees, the seating arrangement should ensure that they face north or east while working in the office. Working while facing these directions will help increase productivity of the employee. Also, make sure that the employees don’t sit directly under the light as it can lower productivity according to Vastu.

Follow the abovementioned tips when purchasing office in Noida. By doing that, you can rest assured about the Vastu compliance of your office space.

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