6 Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom


These days, when people look out for flats for sale, they pay a lot of attention to different factors like whether the number of rooms is sufficient for their family, whether the amenities offered at the flats for sale are worth the money being paid, the facilities nearby, the location, and much more. While people do think a lot about the number of bathrooms available at the different flats for sale, a lot of people forget to consider the amount of actual space in the bathrooms. In fact, smaller bathrooms are more of a norm these days. Most vanity designs for small bathrooms are planned in a way to offer residents more modular storage in the smaller spaces. However, apart from the modular vanity designs for small bathrooms, there are several other things you can do to maximise on the storage available to you in a small bathroom.

Storage Ideas

When it comes to smaller spaces, storage is something that tends to be a prime concern, and this holds true for bathrooms as well. A bathroom is full of odds and ends like razors and makeup and much more, and this clutter can get quite out of hand if you don’t pay attention to it. Of course most can be stuffed into the vanity designs for small bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t practice some smart storage ideas to organize your bathroom.

Placing shelves around the sink

Don’t be afraid to use the space that is available to you. The walls around the sink can be utilized by installing shelves. It will give you that extra storage space you needed and will even add an aesthetic appeal to the area as well.

Placing a Storage ladder

A storage ladder can be used in many rooms apart from just the bathroom. It just happens to be an optimum device for small bathrooms. With a storage ladder, you not only get different levels of storage space, but it doesn’t even take a lot of space.

Using a Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan refers to a revolving stand that is generally used to hold cakes, pastries, or condiments. However, don’t let that fact stop you from utilizing the stand in your bathroom. They can easily be incorporated into vanity designs for small bathrooms as you place them in a cabinet and arrange your bathroom products on them for easy access.

Use Drawers inside the Cabinets

The thing with the cabinets that are included in the vanity designs for small bathrooms is that the shelf spaces are generally taller than what you may need and that is just a waste of space in a small bathroom. You can add some drawers to these spaces in order to maximise storage.

Adding a Shelf above the Toilet

The basic idea of not wasting any space can be your mantra for new storage ideas. Above the toilet is a space that is not really used. You can install some floating shelves and store quite a bit of stuff.

Above the door

Above the door you have another dead space that a simple shelf can change into storage. Owing to how it may be a little inaccessible, you can store toiletries and other things that you do not require on a daily basis, like extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc.

There are several ways in which you can reduce the clutter from a small bathroom. So, the next time you are looking for flats for sale, you can keep these in mind.

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