Step into the World of Interior Design by Choosing the Best Theme

There is nothing like taking the interior design of your home or office into your hands and customising it according to your taste and requirements. Even if you have an interior decorator on hand, having the knowledge and your ideas on choosing themes for your special space will give you more confidence, clarity and insight regarding what should be. The theme of your space is of paramount importance in setting the foundation for the rest of the interiors, which is why this is so important.

Different themes you can choose from:

The first thing to know about themes is what the popular styles are. Then you can play around and form your own style which is uniquely you!

  • Traditional:


This theme uses more of dark shades in rich hues, such as browns and reds. Fabric designs would be in paisleys or floral prints with rich materials such as silk and cashmere used. There would be quite a few antiques also on display in this theme. A blend of all these elements goes to create a traditional theme that is timeless.

  • Modern:


Started in the late 60s, this style is still in fashion today. It uses geometric shapes and prints, glossy metals, plastic, glass, etc. as its main elements. Natural fabrics are also used for home decor which is just stylish with a clean design.

  • Industrial:


This is extensively used when renovating old buildings. Steel, metal, and wood are the major elements used in this style. The artwork is heavily used on walls with eye soothing colours on the walls. The industrial look can be further accentuated by using timber flooring or polished concrete. This kind of theme can also have a lot of indoor plants.

  • Bohemian:


This is an eclectic and very creative mix that cannot be categorised but is a unique reflection of your personal style and tastes. The term “Bohemian” means “connected with Bohemia”. Bohemia is a region encompassing the western Czech Republic. Bohemian theme illustrates colourful walls, furniture and multi-coloured cushions in the home.

  • Contemporary:


This is a combination or blend of all the previous styles and is perfect for people who don’t like to be pigeonholed into a particular category. This theme is usually soft and subtle with warm overtones which also allow you to have best of all worlds. The contemporary theme carries the beauty of a mixed interior designing while breaks the rules of orthodox presentation.

How to incorporate your own style into the right theme for your home or office space?

The best way to bring in your own style statement and personality, even to a theme that has previously been arranged by an interior decorating professional, is to incorporate more of what you love and enjoy in your space. This could be photographs of the places that you have travelled to, your favourite books and musical instruments, indoor plants, etc. One should also include natural elements into themes, such as natural fibres, botanical prints, and even items you can discover from your nature walks. Floral and bird prints are very much in trend right now, right from 3D prints to artwork and upholstery, so incorporate them into your theme if you want a trendy looking home.

At the end of the day, all you need is your creativity and passion for getting the best theme for your special space!

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