Move into a Studio Apartment and Lead a Plush Lifestyle

Studio apartments are the kind of housing units that do not go heavy on your pocket but still give you that great opportunity of owning a home. Studio apartments are affordable units that come with multiple advantages and considered ideal for bachelors or small families.

Whether you are a bachelor, or a married couple, moving into a studio apartment can be the perfect way to live a lavish life without breaking into your budget. As a new concept in metros and business cities across the country, these multi-use studio apartments can un-clutter your apartment lifestyle conveniently.

These studio apartments not only serve your residential needs but can also be used for commercial purposes. They make efficient use of spaces, highlighting a well-defined style with a work-life balance. Besides, such real estate developments ensure optimised space layout invented with modular kitchens and washrooms.


Multi-use studio apartments have a lot of advantages over somewhat larger apartments like 1 or 2 BHK flats. Serving multipurpose features, these are much in demand among IT professionals and those associated with the creative field. Below are some of the benefits of buying a studio apartment:

  1. Less Expensive

Studio apartments are the least expensive housing option for residential purpose. These do not cost a hefty sum of money like other apartment options which can cost you quite more, for obvious reasons like more space, the number of rooms, facilities, etc.

  1. Preferred Location

Multi-use studio apartments are brought up in the most desirable parts of the town. You can even buy such homes in the vicinity of your office area if you have the habit of staying till late in the office. Besides, it can minimise both your commuting time and cost. Living in a studio apartment can further intensify your lifestyle which comes as a big inspiration.

  1. Easier to Clean and Maintain

These well-defined spaces need not demand much time to dust and mop, thereby saving a lot of your day which you can further devote to other stuff you really enjoy doing. Besides, these homes have limited space, which helps you lead your life without buying any extra stuff like more furniture, thereby work as a blessing for you.

  1. High Property Appreciation

There are not many options available for studio apartments and therefore these yield higher property appreciation and rental income, along with high-value business tenants. Besides, they are much-in-demand when compared to 1BHK or 2BHK apartments and can be sold faster than other housing options when you move to some other city. Registration charges and stamp duty of smaller apartments with low capital is also low.

What to Consider When Buying a Studio Apartment

Floor-plan is the essential factor to look at while buying a studio apartment. Before making the payment, decide how you will utilise the available space. Livork studio apartment which comes with a commercial license with it also gives you the liberty to start your business, hence it is important to look at the floor layout while planning to start a business or living.

The location must be the next important factor in your list. It is good if these homes are near to your office complex or other places you frequently visit. When living in a studio apartment, it should not take much time to drive to work every morning. Departmental stores or a market must also be in proximity to buy fresh groceries every week.

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