The whole point of the week is weekend.

Weekends are so special. After working for an entire week, spending a fun filled weekend becomes the big desire.

Noida is one of the most desired destinations in NCR for living and shopping. It is popular not just because of being a corporate hub but it also attracts a lot of travellers and fun loving people.

If you live in and around Noida, you must know the popular places to visit on the weekend. So, Let’s explore the top 5 places in Noida that will make your weekends a memorable one.

1. Worlds of Wonder: Worlds of Wonder is an amusement and waterpark located at the heart of the city. It is enjoyed by all age groups and is popular for its seesaw, rides, food joints, and outstanding water rides. It also offers a lot of corporate discount and offers which make it an ideal fun filled destination for picnics.

2. Atta Market: Atta market is one of the first biggest markets of Noida. It is popular as a happening shopping destination in the city. It is one place in the city which can lure you with every single item you wish to buy. From clothes to daily utensils, it can meet all your shopping desires and you won’t be able to stop your shopping soul from roaming in the market.

3. Iskcon Temple: This beautiful temple of Lord Krishna is built by an organization that worships and follows Lord Krishna’s consciousness. This temple attracts huge crowd and followers throughout the week because of its popularity and spiritual ambience.

4. The Great India Place: The Great India Place is a well-built shopping cum entertainment destination, popular for having myriad numbers of brands under one roof. Some of the brands that can be found in this shopping place are Shopper’s Stop, Woodland, Pantaloon, Guess, Adidas, Nike etc. It also has a multiplex which attracts city’s movie buffs.

5. Okhla Bird Sanctuary: Okhla Bird Sanctuary is also an amazing place to spend your weekend with your kids and family. Witnessing the nature in its true sense can be a fun filled experience for you and your kids at the sanctuary.

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Now you have known which places to visit on your weekends in Noida, also, don’t forget to see Wave City Center which offers beautiful apartments right at the heart of the city. Often known for its amazing architecture and world-class planning, Wave City Center is built at the most desired location with all the key elements which we look for in our society, makes it a perfect place to visit for future buyers.

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