Whenever we think about Diwali-gifts, purchase, wishes & shopping fly around our mind which is actually a feeling of pleasure but without time and budget management, the Mission- shopping can get us in big dilemma and throw us out of pocket sometimes.

As budget management is necessary, so is the time management, not only due to “time is money” formula, but quick decision making can fulfill our needs and wants before the date of festival arrives. Nowadays every locality has its own retail market, but uniqueness in purchase happens when we discover things from market to market and place to place which takes away lot of time and energy.


To execute the planning, we need to prepare before we pick the wallet & bag and rush towards market.

Here are 7 tips for painless Diwali shopping:

  1. Get to know yours and your family’s requirements-the very first understanding.
  2. The list might be unnecessary long, filter the actual needs, strike out the things which you will need after a month or not at least now.
  3. Know, how swelled is your wallet and what are your spending limits.
  4. Recognize and distinguish the markets you want to shop from, save time and save your energy, because you have to unpack the purchased items with a smile.
  5. Make itinerary (travel management), as you may need to go from place to place without intending to lose whole day in shopping.
  6. Choose to shop from sales exhibitions and street shops to avail discounted and pocket friendly items. Unique articles and artifacts are most available on street stands.
  7. Don’t get lost in shopping only, enjoy what you have purchased and bring them into play on the festival.

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Every festival, travel or celebration brings joy and enthusiasm with high spirit and high energy, let’s remember above tips and make sure to experience the bliss even when you plan, shop and celebrate.

Marketing Communication: Food, Shopping and Entertainment- All at one place.

Wave City Center brings a new concept in retail business through its World class project-MetroMart in the central location of Noida.

MetroMart has a 350-seater food court, an exciting kids’ play zone plus exhibition and entertainment areas. Along, specially designed air-conditioned independent shops with space for hypermarkets and fashion stores make MetroMart an ideal retail destination in NCR.

Relax and enjoy life in the fast lanes of Metromart-a retail experience like never before.

This is going to be a Hottest place with Maximum profits.

If you want to know something more about the property and its offerings, just leave few details in the right side box and we will pursue further.


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