Ashish & Nandita get their new home under subvention scheme

Ashish and Nandita got married 2 years ago and now they are expecting. They want to welcome their infante in their new home. Ashish is an engineer working in Noida and Nandita is a school teacher. With limited salaries and increasing family, buying a home in Noida looked a little difficult to them.

In last few years, Ashish saved some amount for their home from his salaries. However, it wasn’t enough to get a home of their dreams. With the limited budget and big dreamy eyes, they started searching for best real estate companies in Noida.

Like every ordinary individual who is dependent on the internet for every small thing, they also took help of internet in their search. While surfing various real estate portals they came across a list of projects and sorted a few best construction companies in Noida. However, many of them got rejected in the first phase due to high prices and inflexible plans and EMIs.

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During their research, they came across a plan called “subvention plan”. This term was new to them and a bit confusing too. They went on to know more about this plan and came to know that they just needed to pay 10% of the price and rest would be paid by the bank. It sounded great but they wanted more clarification so they decided to meet the representative of a real estate company. Choosing a good realty project was next challenge. So, they trusted the brand this time.

They called up a representative at Wave City Center and fixed a meeting on the weekend, Ashish being professional and Nandita a school teacher had their fixed off on Sunday. With their own limits, they were little confident while on the way to Sales pavilion in Noida. However, a greeting with a smile rested their anxiousness.

The representative told them:

Wave City Center offers various plans to home seekers and investors, subvention plan is one among them. This plan will allow you to pay 10% of the price of the property at the time of purchase. The balance will be paid by the bank to the developer as a loan to the buyer. This loan is under a three-way agreement between developer, buyer, and bank. Once the buyer gets the possession of his home, he starts paying his EMIs and until then developer pays the interest amount to the bank in return of which bank disburses the money to the developer and construction progresses.

Nandita and Ashish looked at each other pleasantly and surprised.

This plan offered by Wave City Center put the worries of Ashish and Nandita aside. Now, they could plan to have their dream home at Wave City Center and ready to welcome a new member to their family in their own new home.

Wave City Center offers happiness in the form of various plans and schemes to its investors and first time home buyers.

If you know somebody looking for the bundle of happiness, ask them to share their views in the comment section.

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[…] Ashish & Nandita get their new home under subvention scheme […]

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