Your Startup venture gets 100% Tax rebate from government

I did schooling, I went to college and graduated, I aspired for higher studies, and then the time came when I had to decide what to do next! I had a job in hand after I finished studies, but my aim was not to run after a 9 to 5 job but an essence of challenge in life.

Though, life is a challenge, which gives rise when recognized and hurdles when left unthought.

My dad always told me about courage and what youngsters could do with their might. So, I had the guide to show me the way and body puffed with courage to do something that satisfies the appetency of my genes. That’s why a job was secondary to me and something primary was not discovered by then. But again, not something restricted between 9 and 5.

With times, I went through learning periods, made and broke plans, met people day in and day out, proposed ideas, earned at random times and it was 3 years from the outset when I managed to buy an apartment for me.

Generally, an apartment would be a place to reside with family, but my place is not just a place to live, since it gives me an opportunity to grow more in life, it is a place where I conduct meetings, run brain-storming sessions, create new designs and business modules. In short, it’s a place where I run my venture from.

I have a #Startup and I stay energetic at my Livork Studio Apartment.

Surprised to hear Livork studio apartment? But, it’s a place of running a business dashingly.

Because, Livork’s modern studio apartments are not only well-furnished but also multi-used. These studio apartments are equipped with a commercial license allowing it to be used for business purpose as well.

Now, after a period of gainful diligence, I run my venture of Design and Architecture from my Livork studio. Whether they are my parents who want to visit me or they are my coworkers or clients who want to discuss the project, I give them the same address (undoubtedly at different times). It makes my life easy and undisturbed because I don’t have to travel and ingress into traffic to reach my workplace, being at Livork saves my time and the energy.

While Livork gives privilege and convenience to run the Startup, Government offers the support to boost the startup initiatives, which are,

  • Self-certification to simplify registration of start-ups
  • Start-up India Hub to provide single point access
  • Patent fees for start-ups to be slashed by 80%
  • INR 10,000 crore fund for start-ups
  • Start-up profits not taxable for first three years
  • No Capital gains tax for start-ups
  • Special schemes for women entrepreneurs

With these benefits and assistance from Government, Startup culture in India is imminent to upsurge, hence, it’s a right time to start one and own a place where one could live and run the business.

If you are wondering, what are studio apartments let me tell you little about it: Studio apartments are apartments which consist of a living room, kitchen, bedroom and dining room in one common area. The concept of one-bedroom studio apartments has now days started embracing in the metropolitan cities. And the best thing here is, Livork studios have commercial license.

Set up your home with infinite possibilities like office, studio, gallery or clinic.

Use it the way you desire.

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