Gaming & Entertainment Zones for Your Little Munchkins in Noida

Entertainment in Noida

Noida is a reasonably new and highly planned city, well equipped with modern facilities, amenities and some of the best entertainment and gaming hubs that are meant for kids as well as adults alike. While planning a living in Noida, it becomes essential for parents to ensure the presence of sufficient places that are exclusively apt for kids and children. Learn and explore some of the most happening and entertaining places just for your kids in Noida.

  1. Worlds of Wonder – Sector 38A

One of the largest amusement parks in NCR, Worlds of Wonder offers a variety of exciting and adrenaline rushing rides. Some of the most popular rides available are Mega Disco, Rocking Roller, Hip Hopper, Shangai Swinger, Feedback, Fast Forward and Chart Smashers. Kids, as well as adults, love to enjoy these thrilling rides. People like to enjoy rain dance with foot-tapping music in the background. Eating joints serve lip smacking delicacies, ice creams, etc. It is the perfect place to enjoy and have a fun time with kids, family and friends.

Worlds of Wonder is 5.7 KM (14 Minutes) from Wave City Center

  1. Appu Ghar Express – Sector 38

AGE or Appu Ghar Express offers a perfect atmosphere for kids to enjoy a lifetime experience full of fun, excitement and recreation. This place not only offers numerous opportunities for kids but it also proves to be a fun place for their parents. Here, people like to enjoy bowling at EOD (Every Other Day) which is one of the largest bowling alleys of India. There are restaurants, kids’ amusement and recreational rides, video games, live concerts and more that keep people suitably engaged.

AGE is 6.4 KM (15 Minutes) from Wave City Center

  1. Ski India – Sector 18

One of the most happening Sci-fi based Indoor Snow Park, Ski India has been recently inaugurated in the newly opened DLF Mall of India. Kids and grown-ups love and enjoy Snow Fall, Ice Skating, Snow Boarding, Scenic Mountain, Snow Tunnel, Roman Culture, Igloos and more. An out of the world snow fall experience can be enjoyed by partakers at Ski India. Other activities that can be enjoyed here are tubing, ski ride, toboggan, monorail ride, sliding slopes, ice lounge and more. Summer season witnesses a significant footfall of people who look forward to enjoying playing in the refreshing ambience with kids.

Ski India 6.1 KM (16 Minutes) from Wave City Center

  1. The Gaming Vegas – Sector 32

If your kids love playing video games, this place is simply perfect for them. This video game Lounge offers popular video games like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, 360 Dome, Kung Fu Panda, Downtown Bowling, Jackpot, Area 51 and much more. The experience of watching the movie is redefined with 360-degree viewing angle. This gaming centre is located in Logix City Center.

1.3 Kms (5 minutes) from Wave City Center

  1. Kidzania – Sector 38

Kidzania is one of the fastest popularity gaining amusement parks in Noida. This park offers kids a chance to act out a real life situation in a seemingly realistic environment. Here, there is a Fire Engine, Airbus A320 Fuselage, archaeological Site, Ambulance, Dairy Factory, Football Stadium, Fruit Orchard and more that completely take care of your child’s entertainment. Kids get hands-on experience that proves to be an excellent and impactful learning experience for them.

Kidzania is 5.7 KM (15 Minutes) from Wave City Center

These amazing and happening amusement parks, gaming and entertainment zones in Noida not only offer a chance to enjoy and have fun but also prove to be a development platform for your kid.

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