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Luxurious Spa and Salon

With life becoming busier and stressful than ever, the need for pampering oneself once in a while becomes overpowering. People must engage in relaxing and rejuvenating activities to keep themselves full of energy and enthusiasm. With so much going on in one’s life, there is a dire need of a fine mind and body care that can give some actual relaxation and kill all stress.

There are so many stylish and well-reputed beauty salons and spas near your vicinity these days to find such assistance. The best thing is that these useful services are now at one’s disposal, irrespective of age or gender. With the emergence of unisex salons and spas, anyone who is in need of some professional care, can avail these highly-benefitting services.

Let us take you through some sought-after and luxurious spa and beauty salons prospering in Noida that will purely enrich your senses and rejuvenate you from within. Take a trip to one of these and you would surely come out refreshed and glowing.

  1. Affinity Express

Come and get your beauty and skin cured at this famed salon. Located in Sector 18 – Noida, you can find a team of talented and highly experienced professionals in this salon who provide their expert services of body care, body polishing, hair spa, styling, bridal services, facials, nail art and much more. The interiors are decent and conducive and the stylists are well-trained as per international standards while they are also extensively experienced. Also, the products used here are all high-quality, international brands of rich quality and effective.

8 mins. from Wave City Center

2. Blue Terra Spa

Blue Terra Spa is the first wellness Spa in Noida Sector 18. Blue Terra’s center for Spa and body massage in Noida is perfectly positioned to cater equal to people living in or coming to Noida for business or for leisure.

This spa at Noida offers international and ayurvedic spa services that include body massages, scrubs as well as ayurvedic treatments such as Ayurvedic Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Potli etc. The Spa therapists are well trained and the therapies are delivered in a clean and hygienic environment.

13 mins. from Wave City Center

Luxurious Spa

3. Looks Unisex Salon

The renowned unisex salon is located in Sector 18, Noida, and has numerous chains throughout India. Known for its expertise in hair dressing, it has stylists who are not only extremely skilled at their jobs but they also keep themselves abreast with all the latest techniques and trends of their field. The salon provides quality services such as: makeup, nail art, skin treatments, hair spa, slimming and weight loss packages, laser hair removal etc. in a perfectly comfortable and soothing ambience.

19 mins. from Wave City Center

4. Waves Salon and Academy

Right from hair styling, hair-coloring, facials, manicure/pedicure, to skin treatments, this popular place in Sector 18, Noida has all services that one may be looking for. You can also book appointments with them online and take the benefit of discounts offered. With its team of adept professionals, superb environment and services that are widely-praised, the salon is already making waves in Noida.

 9 mins. from Wave City Center


Located in Sector 41, Noida, the salon with more than 50 years of existence and excellence in the arena of beauty and care truly has immense to offer. They are the leaders in hair care and styling. You can enjoy their masterly skill and services at their center along with their awesome branded products and accessories. The salon has a high repute worldwide for a reason; its hair and beauty treatments are unparalleled.

12 mins. from Wave City Center

With the presence of high end luxurious spa and beauty salons in Noida, residents will undoubtedly cherish a special time pampering themselves to the core. Imparting convenience for residents, Wave Infratech strategically positioned Wave City Centre in Sector 32 Noida, ensuring an ease in accessing all the luxury facilities and amenities in and around Noida.

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