13 Simple Vaastu Tips for Home

Vaastu is an ancient science of architecture which is based on a solid foundation of the observations, wisdom, and insight of the sages and seers of ancient India. While it is always favourable to build a structure in accordance with Vaastu principles to set off to a good start, but today’s world of readymade apartments and homes have made it a little tough to comply with all Vaastu norms.

While there are builders who understand the importance of Vaastu and so take care while building homes, there are developers in numbers who can’t comply with all such rules due to the scarcity of resources.

If on any day you feel that you are having domestic troubles, financial troubles, health problems, etc., especially after moving into a new property, it would be wise to check if there was adherence with Vaastu. There are many simple Vaastu tips for the home that you can quickly implement which will help resolve many of your problems and enhance your well-being and prosperity.

The top 13 simple Vaastu tips for your home:

1. Light is the dispenser of negativity. So make sure you have lamps or diyas or even tealight candles lit around your home in the morning and evening. This will help to wash away any energetic impurities.

2. Mirrors in the bedroom are a strict no-no according to vaastu as it can lead to ill health. So you can keep the mirror covered at night if you cannot move it any other place.

3. Another simple instrument used to dispel negative energy is wind chimes. Use these outside every window.

4. Rock salt, especially Himalayan rock salt, is good at absorbing negative energy. From keeping salt lamps to attractive lumps of salt to using a handful of salt in the water for mopping the floors, there is a lot you can do with salt.

5. If you like hanging paintings in your home, make sure that they depict lively scenes. No crying babies, scenes of sadness, etc., and also better keep away from pictures of owls.

6. Use green plants anywhere and everywhere, especially in the bathroom, as negative energy can lurk there as you wash it away from your body every day.

7. Meditation, daily aarti or pooja, is an important element to keep the positive energy flowing, both in your home and in yourself. Meditate facing north-east direction for best results.

8. An empty wall at the entrance should be covered up with a picture or statue of Ganesha to balance out the energies.

9. For enhancement in family bonding, place a picture of sunflowers or the family photo framed in golden yellow in the south-west direction.

10. Declutter your home to get the positive energy flowing. Get rid of all broken, damaged, unused, old stuff.

11. For finance, place galloping horses (red, as statutes or pictures) in the south direction.

12. For the better concentration in studies, the study table of kids should be in the east.

13. For marital harmony, make sure there is only one mattress on the bed.

Considering the importance of Vaastu in a residential and commercial setup, many reputed builders such as Wave Infratech are developing projects in a way that they are Vaastu compliant. The flagship project of Wave Infratech is Wave City Center, which is an excellent amalgamation of Vaastu compliant residential and commercial projects. The project depicts living in the most luxurious way with best in class amenities and facilities right in the heart of Noida.

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