Why Should You Choose To Invest In Commercial Spaces Now!!

Investment in commercial property spaces is a smart move which will pay huge dividends not only in the long run but in present scenario as well. If you don’t have cash up front to invest, you can opt for the loan and can be sure of getting handsome returns on your investment.

Increased demand for commercial spaces


With the Indian economy revving up like never before, the demand for commercial spaces is also high, which means that the time to invest in commercial spaces is now! The Indian economy is also rolling out the red carpet for start-ups, entrepreneurs and foreign investors, which is another reason why there will be high demand for commercial spaces in future too. So whether you are an entrepreneur looking for a commercial space or an investor in search of making a good investment by renting out a commercial space, this is undoubtedly the right time to make the right move.

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Guaranteed security with commercial space rentals

There are enough statistics that show that you cannot go wrong with investments in commercial spaces. The Indian economy’s growth rate has been predicted to be more than 7% in the next few years with a corresponding decrease in inflation and more incentives for the manufacturing sectors. Moreover, the corporate sector is witnessing a growth in the number of companies venturing into e-commerce, ITES and IT sector. Thus, this will lead to an increased need for commercial spaces.

Why is this a good time to invest in commercial spaces?

Today, the Indian economy is witnessing a scenario where capital values are low and rental yields are comparatively high. This is so in the case of commercial sector, especially in metropolises and their outskirts. Finding tenants for commercial spaces is proving to be much easier than finding tenants for residential spaces. The rentals for commercial spaces are also much higher than those of residential spaces. There is also the possibility that the capital value of commercial spaces will increase speedily when the area where the Real Estate asset is located, is occupied by 50%.

What to keep in mind when buying or leasing out commercial spaces?

The location is of paramount importance, so, be sure to buy or take on rent a property in a smart project at a location that is as close to all amenities as possible. For example, the closer it is to public transportation, highways, metro rail terminal, malls, hospitals, etc., the easier it will be to attract tenants and clients in case of own business. Moreover, one should look for commercial spaces in projects that also have residential spaces and other facilities in the neighbourhood as then it will be easier for the businesses to call employees and customers.

Statistics state that annual rental yields in the Delhi-NCR region will be 7% to 9%. This is why properties like MetroMart and High Street Shop Condominiums are receiving massive investments in Noida. Investors are smarter these days; they weigh multiple aspects and dimensions before coming down to final decision. Studio apartments with commercial license are also the talk of the town these days, which shall bring the revolution in Startups and entrepreneurial initiatives.

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