Imagine a day of High Street Shopping with her

Shopping is every woman’s basic need for a fancy life and hence, every man’s oxygen to get a life with his beautiful lady. However, most of the times men find a lack of fresh oxygen while accompanying their lady for shopping, but they have to breathe for life, and for the wife.

Are you surprised what we are talking about?


Read the below story then.

You may find an ample number of shopping malls in your city. But how many of them have all the brands which you wish for? Or how many of them are not just like a building full of humans rushing towards different useless brands? Shopping doesn’t mean only good brands, it calls for a bunch of good brands at one place and also a little space for your hangout and love. Also, how will you find this idea of shopping at your living premises? Cool, right?

Wave City Center (WCC), one of the country’s biggest townships located in the heart of Noida broke all the barriers to rest your shopping craving which brings the pleasure of high street shopping near your home.

Along with various residencies and luxurious apartments, Wave City Center offers you high street shopping options. It launched High Street Shop Condominiums. Now, its residents don’t need to shop at far away shopping malls, because they have all the right to cheer just next to their home.

High street shop condominiums provide you with pathways, underground parking, open landscapes, various cafes etc. It makes an ideal place to hang out with friends and family. It offers extensive and well-designed shops. It is not just a result of a business action, but takes care of all the criteria that a family looks for.

Some of the outstanding features of High Street Shop Condominiums are:

  1. Complete glass veneer that makes it a beautiful place.
  2. Beautiful landscapes along with planned pathways for people who love to walk.
  3. Two side entry for the majority of the units.
  4. Fast lifts and elevators from parking itself.
  5. Close to Kalindi Kunj (Delhi), DND toll plaza, and sector 18 (Noida).

Thus, Wave City Center has substantiated itself as an impeccable combination of business and Living. One can discover the essence of modern living, great infrastructure, and good transportation at WCC that makes it a flawless space to spend your life. It has every element that an individual living in a metropolis can imagine. Other than private and business spaces, another accomplishment of Wave City Center is making the world class city’s infrastructure.

It is one of its kind residential and commercial plans in the heart of Noida.

Do you want to know more about Wave City Center, just ask experts, they are happy to answer you!

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